All i wished for - a good night! #scarystory

29th Dec 2017
Photo of All i wished for - a good night! #scarystory by Siva Ilankumaran
Day 1

I was sitting in my room along with my friend at 2 A.M early in the morning, our last day in Pattaya. Pattaya city, as a norm, come alive only in night and there we were sitting in room not waiting for other friends to go out into the night partying, neither were we drunk and senseless. On contrary, we were tired and wanted to sleep but were waiting for 2:30 A.M to happen. We set alarm in our mobiles exactly at 2:30, chatting and laughing random things.

In case if you are wondering, “So, what exactly was it with 2:30 A.M?” I need to explain about my friend’s eccentricity. My friend has kind of night terror symptom. For those who are not aware what night / sleep terror, it is a sleep disorder causing terror or dread. There is various form in night terror and most common form is individual abruptly wakes from sleeping with a scream as a result of nightmare. The case with my friend, unlike others, he screams in and around 2:30 A.M precisely (as if he has some alarm mechanism inside) whenever he heard scary or ghost stories. Be it watching a horror movie or just hearing ghost stories, he screams in the middle of the night. He had tested his night terror’s success rate and it was 100% till then.

That particular day, I had narrated him a horror story ignoring his constant adjuration to stop. He, right from the time he knows the story was about a ghost, trying to stop me from continuing but to no avail. By the time I finished my story it was around 1:15 A.M and he casually said to manage if he screams anyway around 2:30 A.M. normally, he would be still asleep when he screams, it would only bother the persons sharing room with him and on that occasion it was me. I was beginning to regret already having said the story. I was not sure how I would react if he wakes me up with a scream in the middle of the night so I convinced my friend not to sleep until 2:30 or 2:45 A.M in an overambitious way avoid his scream.

And there we were speaking random stuffs; he narrated the past instances where he woke up screaming. He screamed twice in his house, few times in his room shared with friends (his friends had the notorious habit of speaking about ghosts), and most surprising part was when he screamed his throat out in Chennai mail train which caused terror on fellow passengers. His friends, then by that time were well accustomed to his behavior, didn’t even give him a stare but just handled the situation with fellow passengers.

My mobile alarm broke wild in middle of his narration. I wanted to make sure he didn’t scream even by chance. He assured me that he would only scream if he is sound asleep so nothing to worry now that we both can sleep. We turned out the lights; lay flat in respective beds thinking that we acted smart. The room was dark except for night lamp. In a matter of minutes we both were passed out. It was void, still until I heard horrifying scream.

I couldn’t make the sound initially but it was long, long enough to realize a girl’s cry. I woke up suddenly, unable to answer to my friend’s question, “Tell me it was you”. I fumbled to press all the switches on my bedside only to find out no response. I groped for my mobile vainly. There was a heavy panting close to my ears. My body froze for few seconds. The terrible pants seemed like hungry beast. My friend was also as senseless as I was. The girl’s heaving continued very closely and could even feel the breath in my nape.

We both were in a state of trance when the all the lights flashed straight in our face. The power was back. We looked at each other in disbelief and understood without any verbal assurance that we both underwent the same experience. We both were completely drenched in perspiration. There was a soft giggle as if echoing against the room’s acoustics . We ran to the door swiftly and pulled the door ajar. The outside was peaceful and harmless even though entirely empty.

Empty corridor!

Photo of Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand by Siva Ilankumaran

It was a relief when we realized the absence supernatural third person suddenly.

P.S: We went down to reception, climbed down all the 5 floors on foot not feared taking elevator ride, only to find out simple explanation for electricity lapse – maintenance activity. But there was no explanation for supernatural sounds. Though, Hotel gave us new room sympathetically; I slept whole morning until again I had woken by a loud piercing cry. It was great relief than terror to find out that this time it was only my friend. After all, how would I even complain?

Photo of All i wished for - a good night! #scarystory by Siva Ilankumaran

The beds not slept in

Photo of All i wished for - a good night! #scarystory by Siva Ilankumaran

Pattaya Beach reflects our plight next day

Photo of All i wished for - a good night! #scarystory by Siva Ilankumaran

All i wished for - a good night!

Photo of All i wished for - a good night! #scarystory by Siva Ilankumaran
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