India is a country with varied landscape and climatic conditions. Our rich heritage and culture attracts millions of tourists across globe to visit India. It is famous for its natural beauty and for spiritual enlightenment.

If you are planning your vacation in India, then you must be ready with vacation packing checklist. One general tip is to keep your bag as light as possible. You should keep clothes that will suit all climatic conditions.

If you are planning your stay in hilly or mountainous region keep something warm with you. Carry light clothes which are easier to wash and dry. Mostly you have to hand wash clothes while trekking. As per my travel experience I am jotting down few tips-

General Tips: Clothing

Carry 3-4 light full sleeves T-shirts as they are easy to wash and dry.

Always carry a large piece of cloth or scarf to cover your face from dust and light.

Carry 1-2 dark coloured jeans so that they can be used for extended period.

Keep at least 3 pairs of socks to cover your feet from sun tan and mosquito bites.

Pack 3-4 sets of leggings as they can be worn on multiple occasions.

Carry enough sets of inner wares (4-5 sets).

Keep 1 jacket if you are planning for colder treks like Himalayas.

One or two skirts or dresses for party and special gatherings.


Apply mosquito repellent to all the visible part of the body.

Carry your sunglasses all the time.

Never forget to apply sun screen specially if you are planning to travel in summers.

Always consult your doctor for prescription before travelling for any kind of infection and allergies.

Keep 2 packs of pads for emergency situation and keep 1-2 loose in your handbag pocket.


Razors and lather cream should be a must in your packing list.

Toothbrush with covered lid and toothpaste.

Shampoo and conditioner of your choice.

Paper Soap is also very important thing.

You will sweat a lot in India, you keep Deodorants and perfumes.

Comb and hair bands.

Bathing soap with a covered case.

2-3 hand towels and 2 full body towel.


1 pair of comfortable sport shoes to travel.

1 set of sandals to match up your dresses.

1 pair of flip-flops for beaches and daily wear.

Safety Gadgets:

Keep a cable lock for your suitcases

Carry a cash belt to safely carry your cash.

Pepper spray to handle unwanted situations

Entertainment/Electronic Gadgets:

Camera or DSLR to capture your beautiful moments.

IPad or Kindle to read books for time pass.

Headphones to enjoy music while travelling.

I have tried to jot down all the important vacation packing checklist. Enjoy your stay to the fullest and we welcome you to visit the incredible India.

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