All-inclusive Package Tours To Bhutan For Memorable Experience


Bhutan is a small country situated in the hilly areas of Himalayas adjacent to India and China. It is the fine blend of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. This has been developed as a fascinating tourist destination. The region is famous all over the world for the traditional festive occasions celebrated enthusiastically and also for the treks and adventures that can be experienced on the mountains and forest areas in this calm and cultured nation.

There are registered travel agencies accessible online that offer systematically designed package tours to the enthusiast tourists from across the globe. The packages offered by these agencies are according to the segments that are most admired by the tourists the most.

The agency offers Festival Tours Packages in Bhutan that takes the tourists through the cultural celebrations in this land of nature and friendly people. The tourists can enjoy the rituals and customs in the culture of Bhutan and mingle with the people celebrating some religious occasions and festivals. Paro Festival, Thimphu festival, Punakha festival and Trongsa festival and so on can be attended by the tourists booking their spots in the subsequent package tour arranged around the calendar days when the festivals are celebrated.

Luxury Travel Tours Bhutan offered by the tourist agency are all-inclusive tours that take the tourists to some of the most exciting places in Bhutan. These packages include:

Travelers Visa for stay in Bhutan for limited period.

Luxurious twin bed accommodation throughout the tour.

Food at local restaurants including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Car or mini bus according to the size of group.

Experienced guide for explaining about different tourist spots around.

Thus the tourists will enjoy the comprehensive packages and have a comfortable touring experience when they reserve their spots through the travel agency in Bhutan. The agency is also registered with the official airlines in Bhutan and thus the air tickets to and from Bhutan can be arranged by them conveniently for the aspirant tourists.

Aspirant tourists that love adventure while touring can experience the best of adventure in Bhutan through Hiking Tour Packages Bhutan. These packages are arranged in the western districts of Bhutan that are well-known for the Himalayan mountain ranges and also the historical places related to the Dragon. There are many temples and monuments built on the peaks of mountains covered with snow during winter. Tourists can enjoy the expeditions through the horses and yaks and have memorable trips. The tours organized for hiking will take the tourists to terrific destinations.

The extremely fresh and soothing climate, the culture, the food and the best in class hospitality in Bhutan makes it a perfect honeymoon destination as well. Honeymoon Tour Packages are designed considering the expectations of the newlywed couples. The honeymoon couples will surely enjoy the natural beauty, the scenery and the places that are mostly cool. Thus the couples can have enjoyable experience traveling through the snowy mountains and luxurious hotels and will remember the once in a life time tour throughout their life.

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