All of Sudden, I'm in Nelliyampathi - A Local Travel Log Part 2

27th Oct 2019
Photo of All of Sudden, I'm in Nelliyampathi - A Local Travel Log Part 2 by lensman_wanderer

So here I am halfway up the mountain. Instead of taking on the climb at one go, it's requisite to add two or three rest stops in the middle of the climb for completeness. I had two stops before reaching the top and the view from these were thrilling (ref: picture given below). I could map out the places I've covered.

After reaching the top, I first took on the tea plantations. The climate was good at 10 in the morning for a quick ride in between these fields. I rode for half an hour or so till I took on a tea brake. Cold air, hot tea and a tasty snack - This is what I call a Mountain Vibe. From there I planned my route towards the heart of the mountain through the Victoria Falls. Well there weren't any falls to be seen but a creek for the name sake. It took me another 20 minutes to reach the inner part of Nelliyampathy. The roads were getting shaggier and the silence was engulfing for which I knew I reached the outer border of the Reserved Forest. As I rode through, I got visits from these children of the forest. First I got to watch the intense conversation between the Wild Squirrel and a monkey. I have never ever seen a wild squirrel and god, he was huge. I got lucky in getting one of those bad boys in my camera. I think he even gave me a pose. Secondly I got a visit from Bambi the "Deer". These two were roaming around the outer border of the forest. I wanted to get a picture of them but they were too swift for me and ran into the forest. As I ventured more, the path got narrower and the light got dimmer. Suddenly the branches of these mangroves started shaking hard. I stood there cold and looked up to see a troop of Lion-tailed Macaque hopping above on the upper canopy. I have heard that they are a territorial species and can be aggressive if feel threatened and I wanted no part of that. While on my way back, I even spotted a Great Horn bill flying. After reaching the nearest and the only junction near to the falls, I again had a tea brake and this time had an inquiry with a local. He seems to know a lot about the forest. Seems that I accidentally ventured into a restricted zone and the place from where I turned back was the entrance to the forest and also the Elephants used to visit this entrance at regular intervals. Well I did get lucky there. He was also surprised to hear that I spotted our dear old Bambi there. He was Iike - "Its is totally uncommon that a deer comes this close to the civilization and that too so far from it's habitat." So like I said, I was totally lucky.

After a wild talk with Mr. Kannan, I set off to the tourist spot and my actual destination, the Seetharkundu View Point.

After parking my bike and paying the parking ticket I took out my camera, inserted the lens and set off to the view point. The location was just a 5 minute walk from the parking station and not much of a trekking route. As I approached the place, I could see the entire Palakkad right in-front of me. The place was huge. I sat on a rock facing the District and started pinpointing the locations. I was amazed to see the city of Coimbatore even from there. The scenic was absolutely mesmerizing. If you look closely, one can see the scattered blue layer beneath us. The cloud formation was amazing. I sat there for some time. It is said that on a clear sky, one can see the eight dams scattered all over the mass. The most best time to come here is the earliest of mornings or a clear evening sky. It is said that the scene is bewitching. Well I was not lucky for that but I heard it frequently happens. (Hope that it works out for you guys)

After that I had a little walk through the crest of the mountain and planned to return when the sun hit the top. It took me another hour or so to descend and another half an hour to reach the town.

So like I mentioned, local travel log. Hope I could provide even a slightest of idea for your own travel plans.


1. I have not mentioned the trip cost since for me, only about a 1000 rupees was spent. For bikers, maximum amount of Rs 2000 will be more than enough and if you are in a four wheeler with a family, Rs 5000.

2. About lunch stuff and all. There are quite a few hotels up there like Spring Valley, ITL etc. I have not mentioned it is in all those kinds of stuff, Google is better than me.

3. For any queries, kindly DM.

View from halfway through the journey.

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by lensman_wanderer

From where it all began.

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by lensman_wanderer

One of the beautiful sights from Tea Plantation.

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by lensman_wanderer

Wild "The Bad Boy" Squirrel.

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by lensman_wanderer

What you see from Seetharkundu View Point. (In real, it's more awesome)

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by lensman_wanderer

Here's another one.

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by lensman_wanderer

That's the location where you sit and get mesmerized.

Photo of Nelliyampathy, Kerala, India by lensman_wanderer
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