All you want to know about the Delhi to Bangkok Road Trip - Myths & Truth


Several websites have been taking rounds boasting about the India Myanmar Thailand Road trip and how one must and can do this road trip easy like a knife through butter !  

Bringing this to you straight from the horse's mouth - Me and my friend Tushar took this route to cover Asia Continent, part of our World Trip way back in 2013enthusiasts can watch our journey glimpse at

YES, it was possible then too.... only the media decided to pick it lit'l late.. And ofcourse from the need arisen to popularize the newly coined ACT EAST policy !  

From our first hand experience, i share the challenges faced and a few difficult ones; like

1. Carnet worth 200% of your vehicle value : Yes, you need a Carnet doc if you want to enter Thailand. Carnet is like passport of your car and you need to deposit 200% of your car's value to get this piece of paper from Automobile Association of India.

2. A Local guide : It's mandatory that you contact the local agent in Myanmar almost a month before to book a guide approved by Ministry of Myanmar Tourism. You are not allowed to move around the country without one.

3. Lead Car : To get you in the borders of Myanmar and drive around the country you should be lead by a local car and you cannot violate this protocol even if you venture out alone. It needs to be hired from Ministry of Myanmar Tourism and the hired agent arranges the same. This country still gives it a miss to road signs n milestones, and with language problem as icing on the cake, its a tough nut.

and a few more challenges of the 3rd World country we are all aware of ....... 

So this journey is not as easy as it sounds ! It is challenging, expensive yet worth doing in your Lifetime. 

Having traveled around the world across more than 50 countries and 6 continents in last 3 years,    I sincerely feel and will vote Myanmar as one of the most beautiful country with a very mystical charm to itself. I like to call it as " Country of Smiling Faces" oppose to its popular title of Country of Gold.

I hope with the continued emphasis and the new govt policy this region sees a new light and flourishes with tourism trade however it seems that will take an aeon ! 

For the keens, below was the route we drove :

Delhi - Imphal - Tamu - Kalay - Bagan - Inlay - Yangon - Golden Rock - Tak - Bangkok

Once you reach Bangkok, you have 2 options to look for :

  • 1. Put your car on ship and send it back to Indian port.
  • 2. Drive back the same route as above

Adventures Overland is keen to deliver this solution and with the first hand experience we have gained we would surely be working out a way and knock out all the challenges listed and provide one stop solution !

For more updates on this trip, you can track our website -  

Bon Voyage from Sanjay Madan

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