Alluring Paradise Of Palakkad: A Walk Through The Pristine Region.

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Kerala is a prime travel destination where the travelers set off on a tour to enjoy naturalistic destinations. An array of unexplored places is located at Kerala which is in turn, usually the best spots for families to travel for an idyllic vacation. One such place where the travelers get to spend their holidays is Palakkad. Not a lot of publicity is spread out on the destination which is probably one reason that the people miss out on reaching the place. The families can make their way to the destination where they get to lapse into mother nature's most pristine places. On travelling on a Kerala tour package, the people can walk through the various sites that make this place worth a visit. The first and foremost tourist spot that the travelers visit on reaching to Palakkad is the Malampuzha dam. It is the largest reservoir located in Kerala. The travelers can enter and take a walk through few of the most beautiful gardens that are maintained in grace. There is Yakshi garden that is located here where the people get to sight a huge sculpture erected there. An exciting adventure activity that the people get to pursue here is to be on the zip-line. Two people can sit in a cab and enjoy the holistic view of the destination. A snake park is located close to where various breeds of snakes like Kong Cobras and Pythons.

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Natures best waterfalls: Dhoni.

When it comes to naturalistic destinations, Dhoni hills is the first and foremost destination that is to be visited. It is located at a distance of 15 Kilometers from Palakkad town where the travelers can speed on a trekking expedition of three long hours at the end of which they get to sight beautiful waterfalls cascading from the top. The destination turns out to be perfect for families who have children who are above 10 years old so that it is not hard to take long treks. They can have several stops in between where they get to enjoy the walk along the forest destination. While climbing the hill, the travelers get to see cattle being ridden by the cattleman where they graze along the grasslands. are belong to the cattle farm in the region. On reaching a distance, the water from the falls flows through the rocks. The location has all safety that is required for a trek wherein the forest department keeps a track of this destination. In fact, it is only after the permission of the forest department, the people can proceed for the trek. On climbing these hills the people actually walk through a place of exotic flora. A lot of plants that can never be seen at any other place are located here. After the tiring trekking expedition, when the travelers reach up to the waterfalls, they get to feel the worth of the trip where the kids and the family gets to play around in the freshwater.

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An escapade into the Silent Valley.

Another place that the people get to reach Palakkad is the Silent Valley, National Park. The richness of the place is its biodiversity where the tourists get to site the best of flora and fauna at the same time in the evergreen forests. The place is also rich in its varied butterflies which can be spotted fluttering around the park. The place also has 100 species of birds residing inside among which endemic species, as well as exotic species, can be spotted. Lion Tailed Macaques, deer and different kinds of squirrels are all the usual sights that the people get to sight from the park. The best climate that the families get to visit at this place is during the post-monsoon where they can escape from the heat of the place during the summer and also the outgrown grasslands of the monsoon season.

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Nelliampathy: a little hill station to halt at.

Another extremely beautiful destination that is worth a visit along with the family is a journey Nelliampathy. A drive through 10 hairpin bends, the families get to reach up to this beautiful hill station where they get to walk through the organic farms and plantations. The beauty of the hill ranges of Western Ghats is the major attraction of the place. One of the sightseeing locations of the place is the Seetharkundu viewpoint. The organic products that are sold here are the major picks of the people where they are fond of the tea powders and oranges. Poabs, an organic estate keeps the plantations here intact and beautiful. The people get to buy other things like seeds to various plants and saplings as a flower garden is located in the premises. Kesavan Rock is a major stop at Nelliampathy as well. The major attraction of the place is the view itself where the green land spreads out with the best scenic delights. Most of the views in the state of Palakkad are all that the people require for being on a Kerala tour package with family. This is again a reason that attracts people from various parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore as absolutely different sights endow the people at the region. The naturalistic destination is an escape that the people take from city life. Palakkad is hence a gem of a place where the travelers get to lapse into the bliss of nature.

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Palakkad has an array of hotels that are located in the town itself. It can be accessed easily when on travel and can also be easily reserved or booked. The other factor is the food that is being served at the destination. The Palakkadan Sadhya is very famous which lure any hardcore vegetarian for it. Ramassry Idlis of Palakkad is also famous due to the tempting taste of it. There are famous restaurants like NMR and Noorjehan that are located at various places in Palakkad as well from where the families can have multi-cuisine dishes. The travellers can hence be at utmost comfort on being to this beautiful destination of Palakkad which endows the people with best memories from nature's hub.

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