Amazing and Exciting Nairobi


If you want to know about the natural as well as social structure of a city then you can learn a lot about the same via its recreational parks. Uhuru Park is one such place in the bustling city of Nairobi which offers shelter to each and everyone who walks by its threshold and looks for a good picnic spot in shade but not too far away from the golden amber drizzle that the brightly beaming Sun is offering. Situated in the central business district, great care has been taken in the designing and construction of this park. Flights to Nairobi will take you here in the blink of an eye with utmost comfort.

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As you enter this park, you will be greeted by the bubbly lake that has been artificially created in a way to cover the entire area in its lap thereby offering enough aesthetic pleasure and soothing breeze to the onlookers. You will also come across many national monuments around while roaming around here and each one of them receive their fair share of national and international tourists throughout the year. Cheap flights to Nairobi further increase your accessibility to this place and the surrounding tourism hotspots too.

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Lately, it has become the prime skating scene in the town with assembly ground being used as a skateboarding area during the weekends. This ground had also came handy as a gathering spot during many religious and political gatherings in the past making it all the more significant from the historical point of view. Nyayo Monument, the local fountain and a breathtaking view of the entire local skyline are few of the features that you might like to avail while you are walking around here and thanking heavens for booking those tickets to Nairobi on time.

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