Amazing Tips To Visiting Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

2nd Apr 2019
Photo of Amazing Tips To Visiting Kaieteur Falls, Guyana by Smary Liyana

The Kaieteur Waterfall is a standout one of the most staggering cascades in the entire world but then a great many people have never known about it. Without a doubt, it is more hard to visit than a portion of the other significant cascades of the world yet it is this which likewise makes it extraordinarily exceptional.

The falls themselves are totally interesting. With a tallness of 226 meters, they are multiple times higher than Niagara Falls in the USA. Kaieteur is likewise unbelievably ground-breaking and has a tremendous volume of water streaming over it making it the greatest single drop cascade in the whole world.

At this moment, the best way to get to the falls is by means of contracted plane from the capital city of Georgetown which will arrive on an airstrip a short stroll from the falls. The plane ride itself is a great deal of fun and you will get a totally stunning perspective on Guyana en route.

Photo of Amazing Tips To Visiting Kaieteur Falls, Guyana 1/1 by Smary Liyana

Here are a couple of tips that will enable you to have the most ideal time when visiting the falls:

Time of day

In the event that photography is your thing, at that point ensure you know where the situation of the sun is when visiting the falls. In the event that you visit at the wrong time, at that point a shadow could be thrown into the valley which makes for some troublesome, however not feasible, shooting.


There are two survey stages to see Kaieteur which are basically shakes which extend out over the valley. There are no handrails so ensure you have beyond any doubt balance as you attempt and get the most ideal photograph. We know every trip is a very important part of our life that's why we should write our trip story and experience from this useful source of writing agency. It can help to make important memories of our life.


Keep your eyes stripped while visiting the falls, the whole territory is overflowing with untamed life which can be very difficult to spot! The popular rooster of-the-stone feathered creature can once in a while be spotted settling close to the falls and in the event that you look carefully you can in some cases see the completely little brilliant frog in the water along a portion of the trails.


This ought to be taken care of by the organization yet it is something worth looking at, ensure that you convey a few tidbits or nourishment to the falls. There is a guest focus with toilets yet there is no entrance to sustenance there and it is a taxing day spent out under the sun.

View from the plane

You can get some extraordinary perspectives on the ground however most visits will complete two or three flybys of the falls themselves while in the plane so ensure you get a decent seat in the event that you plan on taking a few pictures!

Water level

The water level can change in all respects drastically relying upon what season you visit. The best time to visit the falls on the off chance that you need to see them at their most dominant is amid the blustery season yet you will in any case get an awesome view on the off chance that you go in the dry season.

You can book your tours online or in Georgetown and tours cost something in the region of $200-$300 per person depending on what type of trip you want. This is pretty good value considering you will be flying in your very own chartered plane!

So what are you waiting for, go there now while it is still relatively undiscovered.

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