First night Trek and Cave Exploration

21st Feb 2018
Photo of First night Trek and Cave Exploration by Tanzil
Day 1

Anthargange Trek from Bangalore

How to Reach Anthargange from Bangalore:

While returning from the night trek, I saw a KSRTC bus heading towards the trek route. But I am not sure if the bus was coming from Bangalore. Anyway, most of the people like to reach this place on their private vehicles, be it a bike or a car. Since the highway is superfine, it should not take more than 2 hours in total to reach the trek starting point.

Anthargange trek starting points

There are two starting points:

Crazy hills resort and,
Dakshina Kashi temple

Crazy hills resort

There is a motorable road to both of the starting points. However, last 4-5 Km stretch to the crazy hills resort is a hilly road. Moreover, from this point, you would not need to ascend much as this point is already at par with the top. There is also a village near the resort. In the night, it would be sleepy but in the morning, there are shops from where you can buy snacks and water etc.

Dakshina Kashi Kshetra temple

This temple can also be a trek starting point. You have to park the vehicle near the temple and follow the trail until the top. Below is an image of the trail of this trek just for your understanding:

With reference to the above image, you can see temple marked on the right end and the resort that I mentioned above on the left end. In the middle, you can see the water cave. Those are the caves for which this trek is famous for. So you can start trekking from either side. If you ask my opinion, I would suggest you start from the resort side.

Anthargange Caves:

Though the water caves marked on the image above looks close to the trail, you need someone, especially in the night trek, to help you find the caves because they are little away from the main trail. Also, you need an experienced person who has already seen the caves before to walk you through the labyrinth of the networks of the caves. At some points, the caves are dangerous as well. In the day, you can try exploring on your own.

Antharagange caves will often remind you of Belum caves in Andhra Pradesh. If you are a fan of caves, then you should surely plan a trip to the Belum Caves.

Cave Exploration Tips:

Try to start the trek from the Crazy hills resort side. After trekking for almost 10 minutes, you should be able to see some caves. In case, you do not see any, ask the night trek guys or someone else from the day trek.

Anthargange Vegetation:

Anthargange is full of thorny vegetation. In the day, it becomes really hot due to rocks. This trek is ideal for a night trek. You can also see the view of the Kolar town at night from the trek. Sunrise is also very beautiful in the morning with ample space for photography without any object hindering the way.

Ps: You might find cave exploration more difficult than trek, which is true.

Photo of Antargange Trek Point, Teerhalli Main Road, Paparajanahalli, Karnataka, India by Tanzil
Photo of Antargange Trek Point, Teerhalli Main Road, Paparajanahalli, Karnataka, India by Tanzil
Photo of Antargange Trek Point, Teerhalli Main Road, Paparajanahalli, Karnataka, India by Tanzil
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