Trip to Heaven #Bucketlist2019

2nd Jul 2019
Day 1

Chandigarh railway station is the place from where our trip to heaven actually started we had our seats reserved in advance from chandigarh to haridwar, we were 8 of us out of which we were 5 siblings going out for trip together. So we reached our station nearly 45 min before the arrival of the train it was quite an amusing experience we all were eagerly waiting for our train to arrive and finally after an hour train arrived we went to our seats and then bid good bye to our parents of came there to drop us

Nearly about 11 in the morning we reached there and we had an hour stay there this stay was because our coaches were to be added to another train and that train came from patiala which scheduled to arrive at 1:15 noon but which got delayed and arrived at station about 2 in noon. Waiting at the station for nearly 2 hours was the only worst experience we had during whole the trip because waiting in scorching heat of july was exasperating. So after 2 hours wait our train arrived and our train left for haridwar

At about 4 we reached haridwar while being in train for 2 hours we interacted with few of our fellow travellers who turned out to be from haridwar then we all talked about our trip and they offered us some really helpful advices it was fun to interact with them and then after reaching our destination we bid them goodbye and moved forward to our dharamshala/ashram. Yeah it was an ashram as we were baniya family travelling we always wanted to cut the costs and keeping them as low as possible. So our stay was cosy it was a nice ashram indeed in evening we went har ki pori to have a holy bath in GANGA RIVER we were lucky enough to witness the evening aarti and made some few friends out there it was really cool experience out on the ghat

Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal

so the night came up we all turned back to our inn after having dinner we all were exhausted. After reachingat our inn we had a very unusual experience our priests had rabbits as pets and we all started playing with the rabbits and our tiredness went away in a minute and we went to sleep

Photo of Trip to Heaven #Bucketlist2019 by Deven Goyal
Day 2

We all got up at 6 had our bath and breakfast our taxi driver came at 7 in morning and left for THE KEDARNATH. While travelling to kedarnath we were so amused by the real beauty that uttarakhand has offered to us and made our traveling less tiring. It was drizzling in the morning which stopped as we left rishikesh. Mountains of UK and the river going below the hills all such created a bollywood seen. It was so  scenic. Most of us fell asleep while travelling cities came and passed by us but we were busy in sleeping. When we got up we were in son prayag it was the last spot where our taxi could go so the taxi driver parked his car there and rested there while we went forward to gaurikund by hiring local taxi. It was about 6 pm in the evening and was getting dark outside here we reached gaurikund and searched for the rooms there. Then we came across a lodge where we got a dormatry room which was a 5 bedded room and we all shared that room. At about 8 pm we went out for the dinner it was so dark out there and most of the restaurants were about to get close. So my advice you people is get yourself your dinner at about 7 pm coz in the high altitudes it gets really dark in evening , we somehow managed to get ourselves dinner and went back to our room we all got really tired after all it was about whole day traveling in the car and soon after hitting the beds we all went to sleep

Day 3

We got up at 7 am in the morning usually people go to hot water springs to have bath and our elders did the same but we siblings had bath in our bathrooms with the cold water i swear i am not lying it was cold but it was quite chilling experience . We had our breakfast and tapri ki chai was the best part in our breakfast. Then we all started our trek to heaven. After walking for a while we came at horse stand(where all horses are kept for hiring as a ferry) our elders took the ferry and we(siblings) continue our trek on foot. It was a 22km trek starting from gaurikund to kedar valley where the temple is situated. While trekking we came across many beautiful waterfalls, mountains. It was most tiring  as well as amusing trek i have our done. We kept walking and walking and then came rambara from where the temple was still 11 km away. From rambara ownwards the trek was too steep which made the trek a bit difficult but everything was worth it.After walking for  4 hours our desstination could be visible from a kilometer. It was a complete 8 hour trek to the temple. After reaching temple your all tiredness,restlessness go away in a minute it is the divine energy of the valley that enters our body and feel so enlightened there. We stayed here for 3 hours offered prayers and all those rituals with our full heart and started our trek back to our lodge at gaurikund. After walking for an hour i was too tired wanted to hit the rooms ASAP but my sister supported me so much while coming down from the valley and at about 2 am at night i finally made it to my room while all my siblings were still 1.5km away and it took them 30 mins to teach the room.we all got freshned up ourselves and went to sleep.

Photo of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal
Photo of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal
Photo of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal
Photo of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal
Photo of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal
Photo of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal
Photo of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, India by Deven Goyal
Day 4

We all got up early in the morning hired a taxi and went to sonprayag where our taxi driver was waiting for us and we left kedarnath with a heavy heart as none of us wanted to go back to our home. In the evening at about 9 pm we reached at haridwar and got stuck in the middle of the traffic which took our complete 1 hour. After reaching our ashram we thanked our taxi driver for his noble deed and paid him his all dues and he left happily. As it was 10.30 pm we went to sleep 

Day 5

Early in the morning we left our ashram and thanked our guru ji of kept guiding us throuout the whole journey and took his blessing and left for bus stand where we got our bus for chandigarh
most surprising part of the whole trip is the amount it costed us for the journey which amounted to rs 5700 pp only yes it is true quite surprising isnt it. I hope so you might like my trip to kedarnath story if you do drop a heart in the comment box and follow me for the upcoming stories. Any suggestions you would like to give me would be highly appreciated