Amer Palace,Jaipur

2nd Nov 2018
Photo of Amer Palace,Jaipur by Neha Kumari
Day 1

Jaigad fell down after looking at the glory of the fort and our four-wheeler vehicle was standing near the entrance door, now it was time to take advantage of the air-conditioned atmosphere once again. While sitting in it we started talking about the driver going to the fort of Aamer, so in that he said that there is also the Mini Taj Mahal, go see him. Both of us were not interested in this matter, because if Taj Mahal is to be seen then the real will see the mini Taj. Even after refusing, he started putting a lot of emphasis that only five minutes would be seen and he left us out of a shop. Seeing the shop understood that Majra was commissioned here, and at that time we sat again in the car and told him to reach Aam directly, we would not go anywhere else. Ten episodes of fifteen minutes were wasted in this episode, well, he conveyed it to the fortress of Ammer. Such incidents are very annoying when it is denied once and then what is the reason for doing it again and again? Here we had one and a half hour time to roam Ammer's fort. Took the ticket in a hurry and talked with a guide as well as a guide to show us the main main things here.

Maaotha Lake, Amer Palace and Jaigad Fort

                 Now the guide is a guide, he starts rotating once and then leaving it back in the gate. I have used the word rotating here only in double form. In the first sense, he showed us the main places, but skip some places. It is said that from a distance, ask about some place, then Maharaj said that it is not possible to go on that turret. Well, we did not even have much time to go everywhere. These things happened here, now come to the issue and let's see the magnificence of Amer Palace. The first thing was that in the name of it I had Confucian, someone was calling it Ammer's fort, so Ammer Palace. By looking at its size, it seemed like a palace, in my view it was not a fort, but a palace, so it was just right to say Amer Palace. Then asked the guide, then he solved the doubt by saying that in reality this is a palace used for the purpose of being used and the fort of Jaigad which was later built for security reasons.

           After taking a ticket in Amer Palace, Tarka was made to look around and old old buildings, like some ruins, were seen from the front. Our cab driver told that this is Aamer village, when the castle was not built in ancient times, then the king used to stay here. Then gradually the population grew, and then left it to live for the general public and built this grand palace to live in it. After seeing the houses of the village, we go to the house of Aamer's palace. Now when the palace is grand, it is natural to be the gateway to the gate. After crossing the gate from a large gate, we reached the palace complex. What was this, here even in this summer season there was a whole market of full market. The local people were attracting tourists and attracting them with small umbrellas decorated with beautiful colors. After the umbrellas I saw my eyes on that small carved elephant. There was some staircase to cross a very big courtyard or the first patio of the palace. We climbed to these and we reached a temple. This temple of Sheela Devi was worshiped by Rajput kings. The guide pointed to a tree in the lower courtyard, before it was said that before the kings were sacrificed to please the Goddess. How can the mind be kept listening to the King Maharaja who sacrificed himself to the people? There was no permission to take photographs in this temple. It was not our interest to be seen in the line, so we climbed some stairs and seen from the top. But the mind was very sad for a while.

              After climbing some more stairs, we reached the second courtyard of the palace. Here were two buildings: the first Deepa Aai mango and the second Ganesh Gate. As it appears from the name, this place was made for the common people. In this building made of forty pillars, the laws were heard by the king sitting in the middle of the people.

 Ganesh Pol / Gate is a big building in which many artifacts are engaged. It is believed that these are all made from natural colors. This place can also be called the entrance to the palace of the third palace. By crossing it we arrive in such a courtyard, in which two beautiful buildings have been built in front of each other. These two divide the garden made with an Islamic method. Both of these buildings were the residence of the king. In the winter days, Raje Maharaj used to live in Sheesh Mahal. This building is also made up of forty pillars. But as the name itself is becoming visible, this building is full of various types of mirrors. Look at where the wonderful shades of scissors were scattered in the spotlight. It is said that if two lamps are burnt here, then the entire Sheesh Mahal gets illuminated with light. In the old time, there was also the permission to enter this building but there was a condemnation but those who did not show up with the motive of their theft and taken them from here also. That is why it is not possible to go nowhere. The thieves are stolen from the places where they live. By the way thieves can become a thief and do anything. Wandering in the palaces, when there are rooms without doors, I always feel that these people will never have the necessity of privacy. For a little

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