Adventurous woods.

24th Oct 2015

An amazing woods... We had an adventure trip from blore to Chikkamagalur I should say one should visit these places at least once in lifetime...We were 5 friends left Bangalore around 5pm in evening in Mahindra Thar  what a evening it was had loads of fun playing music and cracking jokes and enjoyed tea n different varieties on the way took snaps on the mid of the road .finally we reached Hassan and from took a direction to Chikkamagalur our dream destination was mullayanagiri hills ..the roads were quiet good but as we were nearing our destination the roads were not so good but we had a road beast Mahindra That enjoyed every moment the slippery roads u can have a glimpse at the pics how we enjoyed it.. We were going on and on but could not reach our destination and we look around there are no people around us back and front so it was a thrilling experience it was 12: 00 midnight and could not find a single person on the way roads were complete silent and we r in the midst of woods dunno what to do waited for a while then took a decision to see what s ahead suddenly a motorist came and he had to warn us not the right place to travel at this time so we had to believe his words and took a u-turn back to hotel stayed and early morning 5 we left our hotel so that we can look all the places surrounding it finally we reached the destination omg it is a peak anyone would love this place .. Asual we took pics we danced for joy after a while we left to an other place known as Dathapeeta it has a historical and a religious view this peak is again a destination of ur dream u would be covered with clouds u can't move ur vehicle more than 10kms speed due to the fog covered on roads and once you reach the destination u have a old fort which is a km away from baba budangiri again a religious place and a old fort very near by to that a beautiful landscape and a good spot for photography...  After you can still go top nd top you will be thrilled with the destination and you won't feel like coming back so beautiful the views and nature is.We left the place by evening and went back to hotel for stay again next day morning we left to an other place known as kaltgiri falls oh its a falls in bw the hills and enjoyed had fun in water we spent most of our time taking pics and posing we had an option to trek there we covered little distance but could not proceed further as it was too late and left the destination it has a scenic beauty for photographer and in bw this on the way we found chameleon omg I was wondered to see tis it had green color and as soon as it went to muds it changed the colors after 5/kms we found a big reptile on the side road king cobra as soon as it heard us it started crawling so fast but really a cobra is very scary .... We had no tea or snack shop in bw the roads it was complete dense forest for 60/kms till kemmangundi hills after a while we saw a wild rabbit and uda and few water spots rest all was green and green as we were reaching out destination we found a board on the left stating do not honk or sound as animals passing we were thrilled and lil scared as well and went in the same mood of adventure looking for animal here there but we could not even find a butterfly dunno for what they had put such a cautionary board disappointed gang we reached kemmangundi again one of the scenic beauties and landscape took photos and had snacks we had no plans to stay there so spent some quality time and left there after a while we reached out hotel and rested completely from there we moved to another place which I'll write in the coming schedule..

YoursKeerthishettyTravel is Amazing....

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