An Amateur Trekker's Guide to CHADAR- The Mecca of all Treks!

12th Feb 2017
Day 1

We took the 0840 GoAir from Delhi this morning. Delhi was pleasant and not so cold. We were under 2-3 layers on the top anticipating the upcoming cold at destination. For most of us, it was going to be our first-ever landing in Leh! We were excited as a new born baby, waiting to open his eyes in a new world. The sky was clear. We gazed down in the window to see the snow white mountains- the whitest WHITE i had ever seen. They were mesmerising. The pilot announced landing and the outside temperature in Leh : -8 degrees (Minus)!! We got super charged! The moment we stepped out of the aircraft, we were shook by a strong cold almost moisture-less breeze. This was our first taste of the cold- probably the warmest cold we were going to bear for the next 9 days. We collected our rucksacks from the luggage belt and moved out of the airport to hire a taxi. Taxis in Leh are quite expensive as the drivers have a strong union and so they do not allow taxis from out of Leh to work here. Hence Taxi business in Leh is somewhat oligopolistic. 

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