22nd Dec 2018
Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" by Swaroop Guptha

An evening prior to the trek day, while hanging out at my office with my colleagues, we brewed up with the plan to hit Ubbalamadugu Waterfalls a.k.a. Tada Waterfalls. As this place is very close to Chennai, we thought it could be a perfect escape from routine.


The falls is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The falls is located in a forest called the Siddulaiah Kona . The relation to Lord Shiva ensures that the festival of Maha-Shivratri is a common time for people to visit.

Next day in the wee hours, we were ready with our bikes. We were 12 in number and we had 6 bikes. It was approximately 4 hours ride from Thoraipakkam ,OMR ,Chennai. We did not stop anywhere on our way except for the breakfast in Saravana's which is about 75 kms from our start point. The quality of the food was quite good but it is advisable to pack our own food while planning to Tada as there is no good restaurant throughout the journey. After our breakfast we started riding again and reached Tada village around 10:30 A.M.

Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 1/11 by Swaroop Guptha
Enroute TADA
Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 2/11 by Swaroop Guptha

The Waterfalls is around 20 kms away once you reached Tada village. The road from here is village road and not the NH. So,while driving be careful as there is animal crossings often especially the buffaloes.

Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 3/11 by Swaroop Guptha
Road from Tada Village

After about 40 mins ride in this road you'll reach the check point from where you should buy the entry tickets for the visit. Again the road from the check point is total off-roading experience. If you are driving a car with low ground clearance I would suggest to park it at check point itself.

Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 4/11 by Swaroop Guptha
At Check Point
Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 5/11 by Swaroop Guptha
Enroute Waterfalls

The way, the forest had ushered us in, was unspeakable and gave aesthetic pleasure. The trek starts with a great foot-over bridge built upon the still water body, where one side was sheltered by the lush green trees and while the other side was guarded by the big marble rocks. Tiny fishes were moving hither-thither to celebrate the day start and standing amidst the dense forest, we were looking at the day ahead to seize about.

Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 6/11 by Swaroop Guptha
Foot-over bridge over a placid body

Kindly make note of the route map that is just before this foot-over bridge to get better understanding of the place. After walking for about 20 minutes from the parking you'll come across a pool where you can actually have fun but we guys decided to trek ahead because we thought we'll save energy for the trek.

Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 7/11 by Swaroop Guptha
pool at the base

The initial path of the trek is not too hard but as you go you'll feel a bit harder especially while climbing the rocks.After approximately about 2 hours we reached the falls.

Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 8/11 by Swaroop Guptha
Small Stream along the trek
Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 9/11 by Swaroop Guptha
The trek becomes harder from here
Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 10/11 by Swaroop Guptha
Somewhere in middle of the trek
Photo of An AWESTRUCK trek to "TADA" 11/11 by Swaroop Guptha
Lower Tada Waterfall

Throughout the trek path, along with the nature’s artwork, we had also spotted many litters. It was the saddening part to see how tourists/explorers/trekkers have spoiled enough the nature. Those litterbugs, must change themselves before it’s too late.

See you in the next post.

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