Boasting of pristine islands, white sandy shore beaches, and unique attractions Andaman and Nicobar islands are the every time favorite hub of tourists all over the world who long to immerse in the tranquil of virgin nature and to cross their fingers amidst adventures in water. A tour to Andaman will obviously soar your excitement level, which will offer you an indelible escapade. From Andaman, almost 210 kilometres away, a large island that is an eco-tourism destination of Andaman, Rangat is located covering almost 1070 square kilometres of land in the middle Andaman with pristine beaches, waterfalls and other interesting attractions. There are 75 census villages with 14-gram Panchayat and the people inhabiting the area depend on fishing and cultivation as their livelihood. The popular Andaman tour packages are mostly invited to this island there are inhabitants of Tamilnadu and Kerala are present here. Tourists must reach Port Blair first to enter this island and is possible by ferries from Havelock, long and Neil Island and the travel is mostly by road or sea. The boat services are available which would take 4–5 hours of travel and the interesting part of the journey by bus is that road to Rangat from Port Blair passes through Jarawa reserves on the west coast of South and Andaman middle, the travel will be of 6–7 hours. Accommodations are available in Rangat owing to the presence of PWD guesthouse and few private hotels. Directorate of Tourism at Cuthbert Bay runs a stay home Hawksbill nest providing a comfortable stay.


AMKUNJ BEACH — The reason for Rangat to b called as an eco-tourism destination is nothing but the rural eco-tourism in Amkunj beach. The unique way of development is seen in this island as it has erected eco-friendly structures and has a couple of eco-huts and groves named after locally found floras like Jamun, Casuarina and Pandanus. The beach facilities are also closely knit to nature with log sofas, log tables crafted with novel and innovative ideas. For the adjoining village people and tourists, Rangat is a perfect place for recreation and will be the best of Andaman tour packages. Amkunj beach is located 8 kilometres from Rangat towards Mayabunder and is another sandy beach on the way to Cuthbert Bay. The water activities, which can be carried out here, are sunbathing, swimming and relaxation.

MORICEDERA — This rocky beach is famous for the volcanic rock formation overlooking the sea and is possible to get a walk away in between twin rocks, a unique rock formation that will lead to a spectacular horizon viewpoint, which motivates everyone to get a feel of “sky is the limit”. There is a fresh water stream located serving as a natural swimming pool for the visitors which is also scenic. Sunrise view with no crowds around will be a thrilling activity here and sea-facing sits out areas provides you to get a comfortable view of beach sides and sea. Colourful fishes can be seen during snorkelling.

DHANINALLAH — Located at 20 kilometres from Rangat, Dhaninallah mangrove nature walk is a wooden boardwalk meandering through mangrove creek for a distance of 713 meters. The mangroves in this place are the reason for its name as Dhaninalalh locally called as Dhanipatti. The longest walk away on the whole country leads to a very beautiful long beach called as Dhaninallah beach known for its turtle nesting. on the course of the walk, tourists get an opportunity to witness diverse mangrove ecosystem found in Andaman’s in a single place and the boardwalk is an eco-friendly structure constructed using rejected teak logs and presence of eco-huts at the midway of the boardwalk is an ideal location for nature awareness camp. A tree top hunt is arranged from which Cuthbert wildlife sanctuary can be viewed.

YERRATA MANGROVE PARK — Yerrata is famous for luxuriant mangrove creeks and is an ideal location to learn about a diverse variety of mangroves. The main attraction is the Mangrove interpretation centre for creating awareness among general public about mangroves. There is a mangrove view watch tower with a height of 13 meters which is a unique structure providing a panoramic view of mangroves and adjacent forests. The centre displays panels depicting various species of mangroves found in these islands.

PANCHAVATI HILLS — Botany enthusiasts are lured to this hill as it houses an agricultural farm, a rich bank of vegetation and gentle and beautiful waterfall.

The Cuthbert beach bay in Rangat is famous during turtle nesting season and it is a lengthy beach with tropical forests bordering is an important tourist attraction in Andaman Islands.

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