An exploration of the Japanese dormant volcano - Mount Fuji

8th Jun 2017


When you think of Japan, Mount Fuji instantly comes to my mind. There is nothing like Mount Fuji in Japan. It is a two and a half hour train ride away from Tokyo city and it a great experience. The train journey is extremely tiring. When I went to Japan in June, my love for trekking took me to see Mount fuji.

The great Mount Fiji in the heart of Japan

Photo of Mount Fuji, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan by vidhi bubna

We woke up at 7 AM, the train signs and everything else in their language being a mystery to us, we had to take a local's help to figure the train ticket out. Though there were English signs, we had missed them. We did not know how to operate the automated ticket opener. We got into the train, all set to go to an external line which wasn't on the Tokyo map from where we would change the train to get to Mount Fuji.

The great Mount Fiji in the heart of Japan

Photo of Tokyo, Japan by vidhi bubna

The train journey was extremely exhausting. Even after getting down of the train, we had to take a bus to Mount Fuji which would take another 2 hours. By the time we reached, it was almost 2 o clock in the afternoon. We began to climb a little up and we reached up by 6 o clock. It was extremely beautiful and the sand up there does get red. We could see some hints of the land getting hotter in some places due to the lava inside. At the top, where the buses drop us, there is a huge store which sells arts, food and other sculptures and momentos of Mount fuji. It was extremely beautiful with trees and meadows visible down.

On one side, there were trees and meadows visible down and on the other side, there was Mount Fuji rising into the expansive vastness. The trek was moderately easy and the view was great. It was however very cold so it is suggestive that you cover yourself well. After the trek, we went back to the city from where we had taken the bus.

The great Mount Fiji in the heart of Japan

Photo of An exploration of the Japanese dormant volcano - Mount Fuji by vidhi bubna

There are many more activities in the city like lake cruising, tramway, hot water springs to bathe in, cave exploration. However, due to a time crunch, we couldn't experience those. I suggest you to stay in this city for a day. Fujiyama was the name of the city, now I recollect. Also, if you come from Tokyo, a great tip would be to take the bus because it is surprisingly faster and also makes you reach the destination without much hassle. For all you trekkers and explorers, do eat the fuji volcano shortbread at the peak in the momento shop. It is wonderful. It is the dominoz choco lava cake shaped as Mount Fuji. The taste is priceless. They also sell Panda pancake. The train tickets were also more expensive.

My view of Mount Fiji- It is in the heart of Japan which embodies the tranquil and calming spirit of the nation. It is just like the spirit of a woman which is waiting to burst with her emotion in the dormancy of her heart.

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