An Inside of an I.T Traveler


Work Save Travel Repeat - This has been my motto since the day I embraced travelling.

Hi I am Pritish Sahoo, a Software Engineer by Profession and a Passionate Traveler by choice.People often think I am a lucky fellow who gets an opportunity to visit different places,hardly being aware of the inside.

Few months back I got an opportunity to shift to Malaysia.It was a tough decision for me.I had never been out of my country neither did I know anyone here. But sometimes you got to listen to hear to your heart.I always love to see new places, meet new people,make new friends.When I took the decision to really shift here I never thought how much money I am going to save, the only thought I had was I will get an opportunity to see new places.

I strongly believe in one thing - At the end its all about priorities. Some of my friends want to live a peaceful life in a small town with their family and trust me I am really happy for them. Because that is the thing that makes them happy.That is their priority.I have set travelling as my topmost priority.I work hard and I really work to save each single penny so that I can afford to travel.

I read so many articles and blogs of traveler around the world, how they have quit their job and became a full time traveler.I always feel jealous.I wish I can ever have that life.And Then I think about my situation.I am not in a position that I can dare to quit my job and roam freely around the world.I never can afford that.I have my family who is dependent on me and I can never think of letting them down.

After all this I have figured it out that I can still travel without having to quit my job. They say a 9-5 job sucks.You are no more than a dog who works hard for someone else's benefit.And these days if you are in IT then dude there is something seriously wrong.To all these people I want to say, this is my job and my job gives me the way to follow my passion.The money that I get from this IT job, helps me to run my family and also gives happiness when I achieve my goal with each passing trip.

Unplanned travel always sounds exciting.People say just grab your bag and catch the next flight to some unknown country,that will make you an adventurous traveler.May be someday I will try once to get a flavor of it.But I really don't believe in it.I think we should always plan well to avoid any headache.Firstly u will always end up paying less for every single think if you do your homework well.Secondly u will always get to cover more number of places if you have a proper itinerary of yours.In I.T we get a fixed number of leaves and generally my travel days are restricted to less number of days.So if I plan well,I can always get to see maximum number of places,who knows whether I will be able to afford to that country again or not.Having said all that its not that I am not open to surprises.If I get to know about some good plac or get an opportunity to try something new I will always grab that.

I always tell my friends that they should try to travel more often.Travel teaches you a lot and that is very true.With the luxury of seeing beautiful places and making new friends, travel will teach you to manage well.You will get an exposure to varied cultures,different languages,varieties of food and so many other things to try.Until now I have covered almost every major part of Malaysia i.e Langkawi Island,Redang Island,Cameroon Highlands,Genting etc.Apart from that I have been to Thailand and Indonesia and all set for my upcoming trips.

I sit in front of my desk everyday and when I return home after a tiring day, I always look forward to my next travel destination and that has been my strongest motivation living in this unknown country.

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Travel Is Life.... Dude :D
Sat 04 29 17, 09:21 · Reply (1) · Report
Yeah :D
Sat 04 29 17, 09:23 · Report
As simple as you, carry on your good work!! (Y)
Sat 04 29 17, 07:14 · Reply (1) · Report
Thanks bro :)
Sat 04 29 17, 09:23 · Report