An insight into the 3 most challenging and laborious treks in India


Do you wish to test your stamina and strength that you’ve gathered through years of exercise and workout? If yes, then planning a trip to India to cover the toughest and the most laborious treks is a good way out. Are you a trek lover? Do you love to travel through the hardest roads? In case you’re someone who is born with the passion of traveling through varied landscape, from arid deserts to mountain ranges, waterfalls and rivers, tablelands and forests, India is the ultimate place to be.

Besides booking an affordable hotel with the help of a discount vacation card, you need to gather your hike gear and essentials to successfully cover the challenging treks in India. Take a look at few of such treks.

#1: Auden’s Col, Uttarakhand

This is touted to be one of the riskiest treks in India, the Auden’s Col lies in the region called the Garhwal region of the Himalayan range and it is perched at a whopping height of 5490 metres. This range connects the Gangotri III ranges with the Jogin I range. You have to start off this trek by crossing the mammoth sized glacial debris which follows you to the Bhilangna River. The best part of the trek includes huge glaciers, steep hills, terrain surrounded by rocks, thick pine and birch forests and green meadows encrusted by gushing streams. One would take 13-14 days to complete this trek.

#2: Chadar Trek, Ladakh

This is set at the altitude of 3900 meters and the Chadar Trek is said to be the one with the highest physical challenges. The entire route is of 65 miles and you have to walk through the frozen Zanskar River which is covered with a sheet of ice and it is said to be confined inside a sharp 600 meter high gorge. The costly elevation, the frozen river, the bitterly chilled water underneath and huge amount of slipperiness adds to the already existing challenge. Nevertheless, the picturesque view of Shanti Stupa and the relatable stories of the inhabitants of Zanskar village are the rewards of this trek. You will take 6 days to walk the entire length.

#3: Stok Kangri Trek, Ladakh

This place lies at a huge altitude of 6153 metres and the Stok Kangri is said to be the highest possible trekking summit. It requires your acclimatization to such high altitude and you need to remain extremely fit in all ways to be able to complete this trek. There are dry terrains, precarious slows, rivers with huge current, frozen glaciers, immense deficiency of oxygen, thereby making the trek exceptionally dangerous and challenging at the same time. You need to have highest fitness level in order to complete this trek successfully.

Therefore, if you seem to feel interested in the most challenging treks in India, you can choose any of the above mentioned ones. Start preparing your health for being able to cover the treks with ease and strength.

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