An unforgettable trip to Barcelona Aquarium

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One of the best and most popular tourist destinations in Spain is Barcelona. It is one of the most modern and attractive cities in Spain and boasts of excellent tourism facilities. People from all across Europe to travel to this beautiful city for sightseeing and fun-filled vacation. In short, it is a paradise for water sports lovers. However, one needs an unforgettable trip to Barcelona Aquarium to enjoy all the aquatic life that the city offers. The Aquarium is a leading tourist attraction in the city.

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During your Barcelona trip, you will not want to miss a single thing. There are several water sports attractions that you can visit during your trip. You can enjoy the fun of dolphin watch cruise, dolphin swim team training sessions, dolphin watch expedition, swimming with the dolphins, or try your hands on other exciting water sports like wind surfing, kayaking, etc. If you do not like water sports, then you can always visit the city for a walk around the Gothic Quarter. This is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs and gifts, visit the museums and art galleries, and also get an insight of the rich history of Barcelona.

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As mentioned above, a visit to Barcelona Aquarium is a must for those who love water sports. The Aquarium has won many awards and has been able to attract thousands of visitors each year. One of the main attractions of the Aquarium is the Shark Tank, which houses a number of different species of sharks. Apart from the sharks, the attraction also houses a number of turtles and fish. If you love water sports and exotic animals then visit the Aquarium.

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If you are planning a family trip to Barcelona, then it would be wise to opt for one of the best Barcelona hotels. Barcelona has many five star hotels that provide excellent facilities and amenities. You can get a discount if you book your accommodation in advance. Once you are at the hotel, you can avail of various facilities like a fitness center, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a spa, a casino, a bar and a lounge.

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Barcelona has many great nightclubs where you can enjoy music till the night is finally over. Some of the nightclubs have very exciting dance music and even offer lap dancing. If you are on a trip to Barcelona with your friends or family, you can enjoy a night out at one of the nightclubs. Some of the best clubs to visit our Capoeira Bar, Cameo, Para La Mas and Ceviche. These nightclubs have everything that will make your night exciting.

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Last but not the least, when you visit Barcelona, do not miss out on visiting Figueres. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful city in Spain. There are a number of interesting things to see in Figueres. The famous trial church, San Bartolome Church, Catedral Santa Maria de Gracia and the Gothic quarter are some of the interesting sites that you can visit. Travel to Spain will be an amazing experience if you go through these travel packages.