An Unplanned Road Trip To Mcleodganj

22nd Jun 2018
Day 1

“When life gives you lemons make a lemonade”

This a travel story of 3 girls who decides to travel from Pune to Mcloedganj -Triund- Dalhousie-Sach Pass - Amritsar . Since two of them had never visited north before they planned the travel well in advance like flights,cabs, hotel bookings to make it as comfortable as possible. But what happened was bit different.

Chapter 1- Pune to Mcleodganj

They happily boarded the flight from Pune to Delhi with the excitement to see Himachal. And from Delhi they were suppose to take a connecting flight for Chandigarh there onwards a road trip for Mcleodganj .

But there was a twist in story ...

They missed their connecting flight from Delhi even after all poor attempts to convince airport staff to let them board the aircraft . Stranded at Delhi airport at 4am no clue where to go & a random thought ... .

Let’s book an Ola outstation !! And next moment they were in cab ! Game ON!!

Thankfully, cab driver was an interesting man who kept these girls amused with his stories - some funny & some scary(robbery to murder mystery) in his local Haryanvi dialect(madam jee daarna nai hai ????). Soon the discomfort was gone & he became their travel mate .

They stopped at dhabas for breakfast & tasted Gurudwara’s langar which came along the route . It was mid of June, day was getting hotter & journey was still very long ... Good music , interesting stories & amazing views kept their tempo high & they finally hit Mcleodganj by late evening!

Checked into the Mc Lavie Hostel where they got to meet interesting mates (both foreigners & Indians ), took a stroll on Mall Road ,tasted food in local cafe.

Though they didn’t get enough time to explore Mcleodganj (which was the plan) but they experienced an amazing road trip crossing various states -Delhi ,Haryana,Punjab ,Himachal & most importantly lived in that moment.

They still laugh & talk about this unpredictable travel ???????? .

Photo of McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Shafali Agarwal
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