Analysis of Distance MBA: Is Distance MBA worth it?

12th Oct 2020

It is common knowledge that an MBA is a popular course that has really good prospects. A distance MBA in layman language can be described as a course where you study without going to a physical college.

Distance MBA can prove to be extremely helpful and worthwhile for a large group of people. Distance courses are designed in a way that you can pursue them while working. Many times, one might have to drop out because of the financial burden and family responsibilities. You can avoid this situation when you can work as well as study.

Such courses also can be done part-time. Even with part-time it might take a year in some institutes. Saving time, you can utilize for the job and other personal development productive activities. MBAs are known for getting good salaries but at the same time, they are also known for requiring lakhs and lakhs of fees. This fee might not be feasible for everyone and hence distance MBA can be a better option. The fee is much lower.

Cutting on transportation and rent costs every day one ends up saving even more money. While these are benefits of taking up an MBA course, there can be downsides as well. A lot of people wonder if doing a distance MBA will be worth it or not. Looking at MBA India distance learning Opportunities it is crucial to look at several aspects. There is enough flexibility in the program.

The suitability of a distance MBA will depend on the lifestyle of a person. It can also be worth it when you do not live in a city where a B grade school or a good institute is available near you. You can apply to one such institute’s distance program.

A major concern arises when it comes to distance programs in terms of employability. It is believed a lot of employers avoid hiring people who have certification from online institutes. It is also observed not all institutes that provide distance learning can also incorporate practical experience that you would otherwise get in a physical college.

Another key concern of people is there is not even networking in a distance learning course. These downsides could rob you of the skills that you will require once the MBA is completed.

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These disadvantages can be prevented if a good institute is selected. Look for one of the best distance MBA colleges in India. The college you select must have credibility only then you will truly benefit from the course. The program must have an emphasis on soft skills as well.

Find an institute that also has a good alumni circle that can increase your network. Certain institutes have tie-ups with the business industry to offer good placements options.

Distance MBAs can be worth it only when you select an institute that can offer you a good education. Even when not going for a distance MBA it is always important to study in a reputed institute.