Andaman Island: Should I visit ?

1st Dec 2018
Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? by Aparajita Patra

The answer is yes! Now I will take you through my journey to this beautiful world. I will try to keep it short!

I went to Andaman on November 2018. I paid around 38000 INR per person for a round flight from Kolkata to Port Blair. Try booking the tickets 2 months ago, then it will cost you around 4500 INR per person. I approached a tourism planner as I had my grandparents with me and I wanted everything to be sorted. Our package was of 6 days and 5 nights. They charged us around 55000 INR for 6 people. If you are travelling with your pals or you are a notorious young group, you can just book the tickets and make all the arrangements after reaching Andaman.

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 1/13 by Aparajita Patra
View of the Andaman islands from our flight

Day 1

Our journey started with Cellular Jail. I would suggest you to visit the Cellular Jail first and then see the light and sound show in the evening. The show isn't very fancy in terms of the light and sound, but the story goes well and is good enough to give you a wholesome (:D) idea about cellular Jail! The show is in Hindi and bit of English, I had to translate to my grandparents, be prepared!

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 2/13 by Aparajita Patra
Inside Cellular Jail

In the evening we headed for Carbyn's Cove beach. The route to this beach is beautiful. Sit down and let the water mesmerize you. You can also try parasailing.

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 3/13 by Aparajita Patra
en route to Carbyn's Cove beach

Day 2

The next day we cruised to Neil Island. The cruise could be a bit uncomfortable for some people, you may get nauseous (a.k.a sea-sickness), it's fine, just take the sickness bag and embrace yourself! :D. If your cruise crew allows, go to the open deck and enjoy the view. Smile at the dark blue whirling waters and don't let any fear grip you! Remember, to sit on your seat and rest for sometime, sea journeys are a bit exhaustive.

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 4/13 by Aparajita Patra
In the deck of a government cruise, en route to Neil Island

Then we went to the Laxmanpur-2 beach. The beach is serene, with it's silvery sand and different shades of water. If you happen to land early, click some solo beach photographs because more people are going to come during the sunset. It's a sunset point.

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 5/13 by Aparajita Patra
Laxmanpur-2 beach

Don't forget to take a walk around the island. Neil is small, you can complete it in an hour's walk. It's good to see how the people from different backgrounds are thriving harmoniously, far from their homeland. Remember to do the dinner fast, the shops close earlier.

Day 3

We went to the Natural bridge, you can opt for a sunrise beach too like the Sitapur beach. The natural beach is worth having a visit. It's about rocks, corals, fallen trees and of course water. There is a picturesque rock and coral structure forming the structure of a gate, which is a point of attraction for tourists. Again a bonus, near this structure if you happen to be alone, don't miss to click a solo! ;)

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 6/13 by Aparajita Patra
Natural Bridge in Neil Island

In the afternoon we went to the Bharatpur beach. This beach is famous for water sports. Don't miss the glass bottom boat. It's cheaper and safer. Even if you miss the water sports, don't forget to take a stroll in this beach. You can walk long till the water reaches your knees. Enjoy the live view of the corals that used to be there and that are there. You might also like to lie down for sometime on this beach!

Then we cruised to Havelock Island, this time it was a private cruise. It was smaller than the government one we took earlier. As the weather was a bit harsh, the crew didn't allow us to the deck. No worries! The windows in the private jet provided a good view of the blue water, you can stand there for some time and enjoy or you can sleep in the cruise and enjoy more :D. Don't forget to feel like a king/queen each time you land on a port/jetty!

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 7/13 by Aparajita Patra
Havelock Islands from the jetty

Havelock is bigger, has comparatively more tourists. If you are a Bengali, you will find many more there. As we had some free time in the eve we headed for Kalapathar beach! The waves here are dramatic or rather thrilling. You are not allowed here after 5 pm. The Kala pathar (or the black rock) here have become smaller after the Tsunami but is still photogenic enough!

Day 4

We went to the infamous Radhanagar beach. The route is long and less-maintained, but that's fine, you are in an island not in a mega-city! Tsunami has destroyed some of it's routes and it takes time to renew them, but the government has done well and so has the people, by living harmoniously! This beach is beautiful with seats carved out of trees. Dustbins, changing rooms, restaurants etc. all made of wood. Don't forget to climb the tree-house here. Boosted as one of the cleanest beach in Asia, Radhanagar has always enjoyed a special attraction. Do not forget to take a dip here, mind the boundary though! One can take a walk in the white sand here, the beach is picturesque making its way to the photo banners!

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 8/13 by Aparajita Patra
Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 9/13 by Aparajita Patra
Radhanagar beach

In the eve we cruised back to Port Blair. This time too it was the private cruise but they allowed us to the deck (with a warning!). When you see a distant ship or a mountain, you realize that there is something beyond these stretch-less waters! Inside the cruise, through the window you can see the water hitting the cruise, these things make you realize how far has human creativity reached, helping you to sail comfortably through these fathomless waters!

We stayed in the same hotel, that we have stayed in our first day. We took a walk around the subtle Port Blair city, visiting a nearby ISKCON temple.

Day 5

We went to the iconic Ross Island. Some tour guides keep the North Bay package along with Ross Island. North Bay is for water sports, you can minus it if you are short in time. Ross Island has been handed over to the Indian Navy. Once occupied by the British and the Japanese, some of the structures built by them are still protected for tourism. Ross Island protected the Andaman Island during the Tsunami. Walk to the highest point, do not take a cab, you will miss the fun! After reaching the highest point descend left, to a bridge, and there you reach one of the best places to be in Andaman. The whistling waters, the rocks, the lone sailor memorial, a watch-point, this bridge gives you a sensation of being amidst the waters. Bonus : you can take a selfie with the deer at the entry point of Ross island.

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 10/13 by Aparajita Patra
Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 11/13 by Aparajita Patra
Inside Ross Island

In the afternoon we headed for Chidiyatapu beach. This beach is famous for the different bird varieties it houses, we didn't get to see much of them. You will see nets put in the boundary of the beach to protect it from crocodiles. There are trees cut in the shape of lying and sitting places. A tree cut inside-out was my favorite, it felt like a tree-room inside. Walk to the end of the beach and then climb, the climb is about 45 min, but the journey and the scenery is worth it. It is again one of the best views of Andaman. I cant describe it here, you gotta see it! On the summit you will see Munda Pahar (mountain), which is the southern-most tip of Andaman. This beach also has a sunset point. The sky looked ravishing. The sunset point is picturesque, you can go barefoot in the water, on the nearby rocks!

Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 12/13 by Aparajita Patra
Trek to Munda Pahar (southern-most tip of Andaman)
Photo of Andaman Island: Should I visit ? 13/13 by Aparajita Patra
Sunset in Chidiyatapu beach

On our way back we stopped at a South-Indian temple, as I never seen one before, I loved the idea.

Day 6

With the complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel, we headed for airport. Our guide was wearing a south Indian attire, he looked really good, a good way to say goodbye!

If you happen to have more time, see the Diglipur beach and the Limestone cave, on the way through the jungle you could be lucky enough to see the Jarawa tribe. Another famous thing to see here is the mud volcano!

You will enjoy, cheers !

(Insights drawn from Aparajita's and Tuhin's visit)

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