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Great andamans - dream island
Duration: 6 Days


important stuff

How to reach

By air - port blair is connected with all major cities (delhi ,kolkata, chennai,mumbai,amritsar)

By water - ferry runs from kolkata,vishakhapatnam,chennai ports But it 56-60 hrs ( by air is advisable)

places to visit

port blair (dont plan more than 1 day nothing much in port blair)

havelock island - most recommended

--reach via ferry from port blair

--elephant beach radhanagar beach

--prefer scuba or other water activities in havelock island

--huts are best for stay (can get room cum hut in 1500-2500 for 2)

neil island- same aura as havelock

reach via ferry from havelock or neil ( neil is 40-55 mins ferry from havelock)

baratang island

--road travel from port blair to baratang

-- 1 day trip from port blair

--mud volcanos , parrot island, lime stone cave


--book your ferries from port blair to havelock , havelock to neil , neil to port blair or vice versa

online in advance via mackruz , north bay

--plan for 5-6 days atleast

--bike hire is available in port blair , havelock , neil island

For stay

In port blair - holiday inn hotel

In havelock - shangrila resorts ( anju coco resturant for north indian food )

Photos of  1/3 by Akshay
Photos of  2/3 by Akshay
Photos of  3/3 by Akshay

we 4 landed at port blair at 11 and check in to hotel holiday in . at 3 we left for ross island . we had a low experience there as there was nothing to explore . then in the evening we went for light and sound show in cellular jail . it was quite good experience - sad and inspiring story of our freedom fighters


in early morning we left for havelock in green ocean cruise . my experience in cruise was osum . i had continous eyes at ocean for olmost half an hour seeing calm nd rough sea and we reached there by 10:00 . we checked in to a beach resort it was the best place i hav ever been to . we spent the noon in our resort having sun bath , playing games and at evening went to radhanagar beach it most beautiful beach i have ever seen and had good time while surfing and while leaving from there we lost our activa key and had lots of tamasha nd fight out there and at night i had great hookah time with other new friends in resort

Photos of  1/1 by Akshay

it was time for my 1st dive for which i went for andaman . my only guys gang in andaman was ready to explore the sea at 7 we started our training nd by 11 we finished our dive

in dive we saw various types of corals fishes plants . the whole marine world was jus osum water was crystal clear . those 36 feet deep sea and 50 minutes of dive were soo peaceful that at most of time i was able to fell my heart beat it was never forgeting experiences . after coming back to the place i huged my all friend nd my co diver . he was the best he took where i want to go in sea after scuba we left resort and i had a solo ride to road of havelock and the kalapathar village was osum i saw road ending the island and that there was a small but dense forest nd the sea - main thing was i found islands end.

Photos of  1/1 by Akshay

in morng we left from havelock and reached portblair at 11:00 and checkedin to our hotel and after lunch we went to wandoor beach the experience at wandoor was ok ok as there no signs for have fun in water reached hotel by late evening

Photos of  1/1 by Akshay

early morning at 3:45 am we left for baratang trip it was a one day trip there we saw the tribals in our way to baratang in baratang we went to mud volacanos it was waste time but lime stone cave through speed boat was another amazing experience and at 3:00 we left for port blair in way we again saw the tribal people hav boo and arrow in there hands and at 6 we reached hotel cum home and spent a musical night , playing atlas with my friends

we get up at 9 at check out time and after lots of request they let us to stay at hotel by 11 then we reached airport 11:30 and at 7:30 our flight landed to delhi and by 11 we landed to our homes and felt like going to your own bed it most relaxing and here the most awaited scuba trip ended

in whole last day i was with one line on my mouth that broo i dont want to go home

but the best part about the last moment of our tour was that we were discuss about the next place and next sport

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