Andaman Tourism:Famous food in Andaman Nicobar

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Human can’t live in the world without having delicious food, right? Our soul is directing connect with food and taste. That’s why the individuals are always following behind the luscious food from variant part of world. Andaman tourism is pledging to this world about the appetizing food miscellany. We are all quite known that the Andaman Nicobar Island is one of the best tourist’s hubs with divergent facet of tourism. Sea food delicacies are the strong part of Andaman tourism packages. We widely heard about the tourist’s attraction of Andaman like lavish underwater marine life, invigorating adventure sports, picturesque islands etc. beyond that the famous food in Andaman Nicobar will show you a different taste for your tongue.

Tandoori fish

Andaman Nicobar Island has plenty of sea water resources like Fish, Crab, Prawns, and Lobsters etc. so we can blindly say that Andaman is the King of sea food verities. When you hire your Andaman tour packages you can ask them to divergent food verities. But the Tandoori fish will be a great dish for the people if he is a fish lover. There are plenty of restaurants are working across the island. From everywhere you can order for the Tandoori fish that much it is famous among the public. Really the Andaman tour will be a fish eating tour for the travelers who like to eat the fish verities. When you hire your Andaman tour package you can conform to your responsible tour operators about the food. Surely they will say about the Tandoori fish.

Rice, Roti, Naan

Rice, Roti and Naan are common to all Indians so you will get these dishes from Andaman to allure. Andaman is also cultivating the rice from their field so here in Andaman has sufficient rice to cook. In all restaurants of Andaman has rice as well as the combination Indian curries. Such as Vegetable, fish, chicken curries etc are available in the Andaman market. These are the perfect combination curries with Rice, Roti and Naan. So the people who buy their Andaman tour packages from Chennai can taste the taste of Andaman. Different shaped and sized Roti and Naan are obtainable from the resorts of Andaman.

Curried Prawns

Plenty of prawns are accessible from the Bay of Bengal. The fresh prawns of Andaman are adding more taste on this curry. Hundred of tourists are entering in to this island from variant part of world. But the count of passenger from Kolkata is higher than the other places. That we can understand from the higher demand of Andaman tour packages from Kolkata. They can taste the fresh curried prawn from the restaurants of Andaman. The yellow colored curry will surely win your heart. So don’t be confused about the good food in Andaman. You will get everything according to your wishes.

Grilled Lobsters

Lobster is other delicious sea food variant in Andaman. Butter, parsley, chili flakes, cloves are the main ingredients of Grilled Lobster. The taste of grilled lobster can’t match with any other sea food of Andaman. If any travelers want to hire the Andaman holiday packages to adore the beauty of Andaman then don’t leave away from this island without eat Grilled lobster. This decorated Grilled lobster surely a good experience for the people who like to have lobster.


The barbeque food is always mouth watering food for all of us. Anyone us can make the barbeque food if you have instruments. The trekkers or backpackers are enjoying the barbeque food from the top of the island or in the middle of the forests or even in the centre of the sea. The tourists who planned to fix the Andaman holiday tour packages can realize the real taste of fresh fish from the Andaman Nicobar Island. Sardines, Mackerels, crab, King Prawn etc like variant marine fishes are using to make barbeque at Andaman Island.

Indian cuisines

As per the like and dislikes of the people can order the North Indian or South Indian food from the restaurants of Andaman. Feast is the most vitamin rich food in south India that will be there in Andaman tourism packages. The south Indian regions like Chennai, Kerala, Bangalore, and Karnataka can order the delectable food from Andaman without miss the taste of south India. Dosa, Idli, Appam, Vada, Baji like lot many snack are also waiting for you in Andaman.

Andaman has the sufficient North Indian dishes also from the neighboring places. Naan, sabji, childa, dahi mein aloo like Rajastani, Panjabi, Bihari, Uttar Pradesh like huge collection of North Indian food also there in Andaman to present a different taste of world. The huge collection of Chinese food also there in Andaman to sip the taste of noodles, soups, Tofu products etc.

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