Andamans - Sea Walk

Photo of Andamans - Sea Walk by Vanshika Oberoi

The Underwater Sea Walk is a standout amongst the most remarkable attractions that one must experience when visiting Andaman Islands. It is a genuine once in an existence time involvement for all the non jumpers out there. Appreciate a safe and energizing submerged stroll on the ocean bed (around 6-7m profundity), and witness coordinate the grand marine existence, the awesome fauna, corals and an extensive variety of fish, all in their normal home. Affirmed experienced aids will go with you joined the course of the Underwater sea walk guaranting your greatest insurance. Your trip starts from Andaman water sports complex where you board a pontoon to North Bay Island. After achieving North Bay Island you will be exchanged to the positioned sea walk paltoon. Sit tight to for your swing to benefit Sea Walk. Appreciate the submerged understanding for upto 20 minutes encountering the outlandish submerged world. Also, submerged aides will help all of you amid your submerged walk, so need not worry!

Going for the submerged Sea Walk resembles going for a submerged visit inside the reef, strolling between corals, seeing assortment of fishes and finding the rich ocean life submerged in the perfectly clear blue water of the tidal pond????‍♀️

Photo of Andamans - Sea Walk by Vanshika Oberoi
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