Anjuna beach@ Goa!!

9th Jun 2018
Day 1

If you are in Goa guys then this beach is must because some of its awesome attraction. Yes guys u heard it right this beach  is almost 2 kms filled with water activities, cafe’s, coffee shops, family run-guesthouses, beach bars and yogic paranoma.
Importantly this beach is very very famous for
jet skiing and para gliding.

We booked a cab from our hotel and reached this beach all the way enjoying the beauty of goa. Interestingly this beach offers a cheap rate for activities from various other beaches

Anjuna is also a place known for its small rocks by sea side. People staying in nearby hotels often walk up to the sea and sit here in morning hours to look at the rising Sun and sip local tea/coffe. It is also a good time to take some exclusive pics.
We reached there around 6am and our first planned activity was to do yoga with fresh air because this beach is also famous for  Yoga, Reiki, Ayurvedic massages and in that  brahamani and oceanic are two locally popular names for these practices.

We also came to know that one can join daily – basis or weekly sessions for these if you are planning a week in Goa.
After the beautiful morning yoga we did some activities like Banyan Soul, Cafe Diogo, Whole Bean Tofu or  and then suddenly rush for some food. On this beach you can even enjoy beach food to its extreme. Apart from eating this beach offer some of the best bars in Goa as well.

My personal experience say that this beach is a perfect combo pack of everything like yoga, water activities, food and drinks and then the best things shopping.

Shopping lovers can enjoy lot of bargaining at the famous Anjuna Beach Flea Market. A good mix of Gujarati, Kashmiri, Tibetan shops make this one of the most sought after places.

Even shop here for souveniers, artifical colourful jewellery, hip – hop dresses and decoration items in this market which is lively at night too.
This market is held every Wednesday. So guys choose your day accordingly for exploration.

Guys this beach is the perfect combo pack and one should mandatory visit this beach of you are in Goa. A must visit place!!

Photo of Anjuna beach@ Goa!! by ayushi kabra
Photo of Anjuna beach@ Goa!! by ayushi kabra
Photo of Anjuna beach@ Goa!! by ayushi kabra
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