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Call For:- Boundary wall, swimming pool, tubewell, landscaping, Paints, Kothi, road work, tiles work, ward wire, cottage, etc.

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Aravali Retreat, Gurgaon, is a 1200-acre gated community, located on Aravali hill range, approximately 35 kilometers south west from the Delhi's Indra Gandhi International Airport, in village Raisina, Sohna Tehsil, Gurgaon District, in the National Capital Region of India.

Aravali Retreat, a 1200-acre project of 630 one and two acre fenced lots, was developed and marketed by Ansal Properties and Infrastructure (API), a well known property developer in the NCR.[ The project was started in 1988-89. It was designed and developed by Colonel Sashi, a retired army engineer from the Indian Army Corps of Engineers. Individual lots were fenced, gated, and linked by extensive internal roads. To increase the "green cover" lakhs of indigenous trees and shrubs, including fruit bearing trees were planted, along the roads and in common areas. On some lots sample cottages were built by the developer. These were subsequently sold. The project was marketed in 1990-92, after completion of infrastructure.

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