Aphrodite's Rock,Cyprus

Photo of Aphrodite's Rock,Cyprus by Sunburnt Diary

Love , Beauty & Eternal youth ?? Look no further - Head to Cyprus A trip down the winding roads through the whitewashed hills of Phapos , the capital of Cyprus in the Greco-Roman times, takes us to a pebble beach with crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean with rocky outcrops.

Picture this - a backdrop of white limestone hills ,blue water , pebble beach and a clear blue sky - sunbathers , couples , families with their picnic baskets , kids playing , shutterbugs' at their busiest .

One look and the place only reconfirms the fact that no human can match the aesthetic sense of nature.

Photo of Aphrodite's Rock,Cyprus 1/1 by Sunburnt Diary

Petra tou Romiou - Aphrodites rock. A combination of amazing natural beauty and significance in Greek mythology makes this place a must visit for all travellers to Cyprus. According to Greek mythology , Aphrodites rock is the birthplace of the Goddess of love, beauty & eternal youth - Aphrodite!! Legend has it that anyone who swims around this rock on a full moon night , in the nude will be blessed with eternal beauty. Some also say this will find you true love ❤

Eternal beauty or not but a swim in the cool waters of the Mediterranean will definitely be bliss on a hot summer afternoon.

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