Are you tagged as one of the clichéd travellers?


Are you being labelled too?
Travelling first of all is an activity that is entirely a person's choice -'how', 'where' , 'when' and 'with' are an individual's decision. Whether one does all those things that every other person would whilst travelling then that does make you aliased as a clichéd one. But why would one care?
Be it any country on any continent  why would somebody not visit those famous spots and not do all that common stuff. This entirely is an individual's choice after all it's his/her experience. If they are at Eiffel Tower, taking a selfie shouldn't categorise them as somebody. That's what people do once they visit such beautiful places and that's how they display their happiness. What's so cliché about it. It totally does make sense and feel good to the people on travel but how does that cause any turbulence in another's life. Why would the rest comment and criticise about another ones way of making memories or doing things in a way that's common.

We people really need to breathe and let the world around us just be. Appreciate when somebody reaches their dream destinations or relish their vacations in the foreign land instead of mentioning what you think and how better it could be done. You do it your way and every one does their own, the way they feel right about it. Unless it's not offending anyone none should be bothered to play the peek-a-boo in another ones travel story. One needs to be rational and open minded when listening/reading someone's travel story. All said and done it's their story and not yours! Nothing is too touristy or too similar about anyone's travels, as it's their own part of experience and their way of making those beautiful memories. Photo of Are you tagged as one of the clichéd travellers? 1/1 by Eshitav Lamba
Bingo! If you have travelled the same place as well share your experiences rather than criticise another's travel style or may be comment about it.  So if you are tagged as one such cliched traveler you need to give a damn to such views. And if you are one of those targeting and labelling people as one then you really need to mind your own business. 
Travel and let the people around you travel the way they want to. If you can't afford a 'thumbs up' to their travels then you might as well not drag them into your opinions on their travelogues.