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Undoubtedly Kashmir is famous for its beauty, culture, cuisine and of course hospitality.The valley of Kashmir is also known throughout the world for its arts and crafts.The diverse art includes:-

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1)Carpet: -Carpet weaving in Kashmir was not originally indigenous but it is thought to have come in by the way of Persia.Kashmiri carpets are world renowned for two things-they are hand made and they are always knotted.The yarn used normally is silk, wool or silk, and wool.

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2)Shawls: -There are 3 fibers from which the Kashmiri shawls are made.Wool, Pashmina, and Shahtoos.woolen shawls are most popular because of embroidery(special to Kashmir)and a modest budget, where as shahtoosh cane be a one on lifetime purchase.Shahtoosh also called as "ring shawl" is incredible for its softness, lightness, and warmth.

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3)Walnut Wood: -Kashmir is the only part of India where the walnut tree grows.Walnut being the strongest varieties of food is suitable for carving.There are several varieties of carving usually with lotus flower, Chinar leaves, dragon etc.

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4)Paper Machie: -Paper machie objects are made by soaking the paper in water and then pounded, mixed with adhesive and shaped over moulds.After drying it is painted and decorated with beautiful designs.The designs painted on objects are bright colored.

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