Auckland and its Turquoise Abyss


Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium is a revolutionary construction in many ways. It is one of the many sites that have made Auckland central to wide scale tourism activities thus encouraging its visitors to expect something totally out of box and still get amazed at the sight of a specific site. Talking about this aquarium, it was actually the consistent efforts of the Kelly Tarlton, a diver and marine archaeologist. Book tickets to Auckland if you are planning to look at the underwater life from a whole new perspective.

Photo of Auckland and its Turquoise Abyss 1/2 by TraveasyUK

This is the first aquarium to use the conveyor belts for giving an effortless tour to the visitors, moving at just the right speed and giving enough time to each and every collection within the aquarium. Talking about pioneer concepts, it was only here that the innovative form of acrylic shaping was introduced thus making the flat panels obsolete. This also meant that the curved tunnels will come into picture now giving a total makeover to the way we look and experience the underwater life forms. Save up with cheap flights to Auckland to plan multiple trips to here while you are in the city.

Photo of Auckland and its Turquoise Abyss 2/2 by TraveasyUK

This place has also done a lot for the local ecosystem by repurposing the sewage storage tanks that have been disused. Then entire framework of the oceanarium inside have been built out of this material only thus inspiring rest of the world to come up with similar avenues that turn out to be a boon for both nature and the wanderer in all of us. Underwater World and Antarctic Encounter are the main headliners of this site. Though there are many other attractions too such as the Stingray Bay, Fish Gallery and Seahorse Kingdom, Pacific Shark Zone and Shipwreck Explorer, NIWA Southern Oceans Discovery and Antarctic Ice Adventure and Scott Base. Booking Flights to Auckland will be the best decision you will make this season if you are on the lookout of that much needed bliss.

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