Auden's col expedition 

3rd Jun 2017

Kedar Taal 

Photo of Auden's col expedition by Sonu Negi

Auden’s Col is a mountain pass which connects Jogin I (6465m) and Gangotri III (6580m) and is reportedly situated at a height of around 5400m. It also binds two glaciers on the opposite sides. One is Khatling glacier and the other one looks like the glacier belonging to Jogin I. Auden’s Col is approachable from Gangotri and one can trek up to Kedarnath following Auden’s Col and Khatling glacier. The pass is named after John Bicknell Auden of the Geological Survey of India, who first discovered it in 1935 and crossed it in 1939. Mr Harish Kapadia and Mr Romesh Bhattacharjee from the Himalayan Club repeated Auden’s explorations in the late eighties.Normally pass and the Khatling glacier are heavily infested with crevasses.However, we crossed the pass in early June and encountered few creavasses due to heavy snow cover.

Itinerary :

Day 0: Reach Gangotri (2940m), acclimatization trek, visit temple

Day 1: Trek to Bhoj Kharak (3415m)

Day 2: Trek to Kedar Kharak (4315m)

Day 3: Trek to Kedar Tal (4760m) and back to Kedar Kharak

Day 4: Trek to Patangini Dhar base camp site (4540m)

Day 5: Cross Patangini Dhar (5085m) and reach Dhabba Camp Site (4685m) in Rudugaira valley

Day 6: Trek to Rudugaira / Auden’s Col Advanced Base Camp (4975m)

Day 7: Cross Auden’s Col (5490m), trek on Khatling and reach Khatling camp site (4970m)

Day 8: Trek rest of the Khatling, cross waterfall area (4300m) and reach Khatling Base camp (3765m)

Day 9: Cross Bhilangna river (3480m), and reach Chowki camp site (3630m)

Day 10: Trek to Masar Tal (4550m)

Day 11: Trek to Masar Top (4695m), Cross Mayali Pass (4990m) and camp (4335m) near Vashuki Tal

Day 12: Trek Vashuki Tal (4210m), trek to Vashuki Top (4480m), and descend to Kedarnath (3530m)

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