Awakening with Ganga

15th Apr 2019
Photo of Awakening with Ganga 1/5 by Sona Lee Singh

Few Months ago I was staying at walking distance to mighty holy Ganga. A completely Monkeys n dogs free zone provided me fearless access to attain sunrise at river bank. In quest of solitude I didn't mind crossing the hustle and bustle of city life to reach the quiet and serenity of country life. We do search isolation but we do need human presence. 'Somebody is just a call away' situation comforts the soul and strengthens the mind. People taking dips in holy water, performing rituals, kids splashing water, practitioners meditating in yoga postures and seekers observing every bit of them ....All the scenes not only soothe your eyes but also start improvising your vision to see things in rhythm . Every time I visit Rishikesh , I am mesmerized more than previous visits. Equally balanced with grandiosity and modesty, this city reveals the most kept secrets one by one to me. Many Moons ago It was a nice weekend getaway followed by long drive, loud music, river- rafting and late night parties. That time I had to select a hotel not having river view so that I could clink glasses and say cheers. My massive respect for Ganga was since eternal. Spiritual seeds were always there inside me, waiting for soil & season to growing and sprouting although I knew not how.

Photo of Awakening with Ganga 2/5 by Sona Lee Singh

Gradually rafting took back seat and party mode went into slow gear. As far as I can recall I found myself lost and wandering aimlessly around Lakshman Jhula and Swarg-Ashram. Embellishing myself with multicoloured beaded mala, religious motif rings and yoga bracelets were the first thing in my to-do list. I discovered my own way to say hi and embrace the Rishikesh vibes. Sitting alone besides ghat on the bank of river, I enjoyed the calmness. I loved to observe how glowing water turned into little-little twinkling stars and in a flesh water began to swirl. Swirling water created a stunning illusion to be a bridge between the visible and invisible world. No other element attracts us more than water as our 70% body is made of it. Water has memory and knows its origin. Before I submerged into melodious tunes of water, some annoying noises (Click-Click, Yo-Yo songs) compelled me to wrap up. I relocated to nearby cafe. Every city has a magic place where we go when we need to think seriously about life. I found my cozy corner overlooking Ganga. Sipping black tea in my cocoon, I often wished to spend more and more time there. Soon I fed up with this system too. I noticed our society was still not ready and welcoming for solo female travellers. Thinking about new whereabouts I heard the wondrous sound of waterfall. A deep desire rose in my heart to follow the water flow and I decided to trace its origin.

Photo of Awakening with Ganga 3/5 by Sona Lee Singh

Aaha...What a spellbinding forest fragrance!!! I was so grateful to the Mother Nature for torching my way up to the mountains. I already made up my mind not taking direct path. Walking through woods and bushes, leaving trails behind, 5 km hiking was fruitful to fetch me on the mountain top. Devastatingly beautiful yet breathtakingly view where I could relish the chance to be alone with my thoughts. My connection with nature was being revived. I mentally patted myself on the back. You need to surrender and the Cosmos is constantly revealing eternal knowledge to individual. Everything in the Universe has life from star to grass. You must try to stay in contact with that life .It understands your language and the world will begin to take on a different meaning for you. I realized what are written in ancient texts, all have been experienced. My intuition initiated me into sound of forest. I was trying my hands into unleashing the unlimited potentialities. I longed to travel through the dreams until roaring of tiger woke me up palpitating and perspiring. Roar was coming from the two mountains away but threatening me that I can reach you in no minute. I conquered my fear & continued to climb up on the top till the trails started converting into winding roads. Construction noises gulped the mystery of forest lately.

Photo of Awakening with Ganga 4/5 by Sona Lee Singh

A temple visit in morning and attending Ganga aarti in evening at dusk are the only rituals, I served faithfully. While attending aarti a scholar suggested me for paying a visit to Divine Life Society. I always maintained a safe distance from ashrams' hoardings. Somehow I could not resist the offer. Infrastructure of the ashram delighted me. The tranquillity around the Samadhi of Swami Shivananda amazed my senses. This amusement led me to Bhootnath Temple where the serenity of Swami Kailashanand' Samadhi actually introduced me the state of beyond five senses & and deepened my thirst for the sacred veil. A sudden change dawned on me. I started greeting every sadhu with smiling face. The very same face used to be expressionless before. My heart was blossoming upon my thoughts. It gifted me an insight that how condensed our roots were. Asrams are not mere a space for ritualism. They are taking care thousand of souls, not pitying on anybody like old age homes. I rejoiced when I saw a 80 years old aged sadhu packed up in warm socks, thermal jacket and cladded with clean saffron blanket during biting cold winter. Traditions remain unchanged, generations come & go. The soul is perfect and eternal divine essence. The soul may commune and communicate directly with the Holy spirit of God if you magnify the divine energy of the soul. I was being more receptive to every emotion. A deep understanding of wisdom & knowledge were arising in me involuntary.

Photo of Awakening with Ganga 5/5 by Sona Lee Singh

Miracles happen in life when you are changed inside, outer results shine brighter .Heaven privileged me to have darshan of many yogis whom I read about in mystic books. Yogi who was taken a vow of silence for last 15 years, One who drank a bowl of milk in a day just to sustain body, One who chose penance of taking fruits only, last but not the least one who was never seen by having food & water. Not my intention is spreading fancy stories here .When you learn 1+1=2, It's natural you get interested in search of supreme equation, a vast possibility & bigger look-out. Miracles can not be explained, can be experienced only. They are existed for those who believe in them. Yogananda Paramahansa said once ' Autobiography of a yogi is not a book only. It contains my vibrations. I am changed, I am changing, One thing not gonna change in this life span is my love & devotion for Ganga.

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