Hike to Vyas Kund 

29th Sep 2017

Lets Hike to the Glaciers 

Photo of Hike to Vyas Kund by Aakaash Asthana

About Vyas Kund

Vyas Kund is a trek to the origin of the Vyas river, it is a trek out of civilization to the base of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Himalayas. Vyas Kund is a religious lake for the Hindus, they believe that it is the infinite source of water, and also the depth of the kund is still unknown and many have died trying to reach the bottom.

Vyas Kund is a high altitude glacial lake fed by the glaciers around it. Surrounded by a ‘thach’ or a grazing ground and the enormous mountains Vyas kund is also a route to many high peaks and passes.

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Lets Explore

-Climb Onn

Trek … Climb … Explore

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1

Reach Manali by 10am our representatives shall be there to welcome you to Manali, and vehicles will be ready for you to head straight to Camp Deodar.We’ll reach Camp Deodar by 11am

Your tents and warm water are waiting for you to freshen up. Breakfast is at the will be ready for you when you arrive . 11am-1pm

Let’s check the equipment we have for you, and just get a little comfortable with it. So that we can figure out any last moment needs and adequately prepare for them.1pm- 2:30pm

It's time to have some amazing local Himachali food cooked by our camp chef ... And after a hearty meal, we shall do what we desire let’s rest for a bit 2:30-4:30pm

Let’s head out for a short hike and acclimatize.. 5- 8pm

We’ll head back to camp early, pack up our stuff and get packed up to leave for our trek. Dinner will be served at the campsite right after planning and packing. Discussions will go on for while till we have our dinner. 8:30pm - 10:30pm

Packed and all set to Climb Onn !! Lets hit the lights by 11pm

Day 2

Bed Tea at 5 am

We'll wake you up with a warm cup of tea or coffee…

We’ll meet for breakfast, with our sacks in the mess tent and we shall do our last minute preparations to leave. 6 - 7:30am

Our sacks will be loaded into our vehicles and it’s time for our ride till we start walking away from civilization. 8 - 9 am

From Camp Deodar we reach Dhundhi by road, and start our 4-6 hour hike from Dhundi. 10am-4pm

Though we carry packed lunch as ‘first aid’ hot lunch is waiting for your arrival at Bakar Thatch.

Let's have a quick bite and rest for a while.

We’ll go for a walk around and above the campsite for a short while and get acclimatized.

Hot soup will be waitng for us by the time we return in the evening. 6-8:30pm

If the weather is clear we’ll do some stargazing and hit the sack early.

Lights off by 10 pm

Day 3

Morning hikers ! Bed Tea at 6 am

Breakfast with rucksacks,get ready quickly and prepare to move for Beas Kund. 7-8 am

Leave for Beas Kund 8:30 am

The hike is about 3-4 hours, so we’ll go at ease and have a great, happy and learning trek over moraine and glaciers and reach Beas Kund by 12pm

Since we are all hungry we’ll stop at Beas Kund Ground by 1pm

and our camp cook would have cooked lunch and would be waiting for us at the kund for an amazing lunch, at the best places possible. 1pm

We relax for a while at the Kund and enjoy the breathtaking view. After a while we head back to our campsite.We’ll head back to camp after a quick bite by 2pm

We reach camp by 4:30pm and hot soup and snacks would be ready for you followed by dinner & a stargazing session 6:30-9pm

Lights out by 9 pm

Day 4

Morning hikers ! Today is our last day amidst the mountains. Bed Tea at 6 am

Come with your sacks packed for breakfast and relax and enjoy your meal with the magnificent view.Breakfast from 7-8 am

Pack up and Leave No Trace 8-9pm

Departure 9:30am

Reach Dhundhi by 3pm

For the fire to explore shall never die

-Climb Onn !!

Bon Voyage !!

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Items to carry


Thermals/Inner - warm inner layer, vest & leggings - 2pair

Socks - - 4pair

Headgear - 1pair (Balaklav / Woolen Cap)

Base layer- Tshirts - 3 pair

Track Pants/Trekking pants - 2 pair

Sweatshirt -1 pair

Sweater/warm jacket - 1 pair

Muffler - 1 pair





Trekking shoes

Water Bottle


Medication - Personal if any

Other items we’ll provide

Sleeping Bag with liners for hygiene

Trekking Mats

Trekking Poles

Saftey @ Climb Onn !!

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Safety & Adventure Sports

The first and the most basic principle of indulging in any kind of adventure activity is to take care of all the necessary precautionary measures to safeguard oneself.

We at Climb Onn Adventure take maximum safety measures and pre plan and minimize the risk by taking all precautionary methods and preparing for the adverse situations. We plan to minimize the risk of High altitude related problems by preparing and acclimatizing well and staying in comfort.

All our staff if trained and certified and we also have wilderness first responders on our programmes.

How To Reach Manali

Delhi to Manali - Volvo Bus

Chandigarh to Manali -Volvo Bus

Delhi to Bhuntar - Flight (we’ll arrange for a pickup at the airport)

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It’s been a pleasure to have you on board.

Keep us posted about your adventures, we’d love to hear your stories.

Live high, climb higher.

-Climb Onn

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