Backstroking through the Backwaters

14th Apr 2014

I've always wanted to just pick up a backpack and GO. No planning, Nothing, Go where the road takes you. That's all easier said than done. As the time draws near departure. You start to think. What about stay? What about food? What if I get robbed? Or cheated? 

The best way to begin building your nerves is taking a trip within your own country.

I did just that in April this year. I picked up my back pack and went down south to Kerala. Kerala as a state is a beautiful place. But coconut trees and greenery alone don't make a place beautiful. Everything added up, the culture, the people. the places, the night life, the simple things like their food and habits. All of that together, defines a place.

Kerala has the highest consumption of alcohol in India (My kinda Everything from the sea food to the churches is spectacular. For the first time in my life I actually picked out the fish I wanted to eat fresh from the nets (Chinese fishing nets located in Fort Kochi.) The food is surprisingly cheap and there is no need to go to a fancy restaurant to get the taste of typical Keral cuisine. In fact the best food is in the local 'dhabas' and carts. 

The backwaters in Kerala are one of the most beautiful places I've seen. The house boats are cozy and perfect for lazy afternoon cruises and at night, when all the boats lay still, the water becomes placid and still like glass and reflects the beautiful Kerala sky. All the stars and the moon above you and beneath you, you truly feel like its God's own country,

Manipal has a great University and its a good place to meet students your age and learn about their countries.
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