BALI INDONESIA TRAVEL GUIDE 印尼峇里島 - Seminyak villa, Bali cafe hopping and Traditional Bali Food

27th Jul 2017

Bali Accommodation

In my Bali Travel vlog, we have booked a Seminyak villa, Artemis villa and hotel. It is situated right at well-known Seminyak with whole stretch of shops so it’s very accessible to shop, dine and chill at a bar. Artemis villa & hotel is strategically stationed inside a short alley to ensure you have an appropriate peaceful stay despite staying at Seminyak.

Artemis villa & hotel is an open concept Balinese villa with outdoor shower and also a considerably huge private swimming pool to swim or chill with a group of friends.


Fixing our lunch at the Betelnut café, located at the north of Seminyak at Canggu. Canggu is a perfect place for café hopping because there are lots of café there. The food at Betelnut café was indeed tasty!

Coincidentally, we came upon the Batu Bolong Beach as the Blue bird taxi driver lost his way to the Betelnut café. Batu Bolong beach at Canggu is a surfing paradise for surfers. Things to do in Canguu is café hopping and surfing!

Dinner time! We had traditional Indonesia cuisine at Bale Udang Mang Engking restaurant. The environment at Bale Udang Mang Engking restaurant is really cozy, you dine inside the huts which is in between the water. The taste of the food was moderate.

Shopping in Bali, where to shop?

We went grocery shopping at Carrefour, situated at Sunset Road with wide variety of food, snacks and drinks to choose from. Shop like a local too!

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