Bali on a budget!


Planning a family holiday to Bali or a honeymoon to Bali? Well, we have some good news for you. Bali is a budget friendly destination where you can explore the best of nature without having to worry about breaking your bank funds. If you look up Holiday packages to Bali, you will be flooded with a list of options with exciting deals offered by various tour operators. Bali is a very happening tourist destination, and hence there is a package that is tailored for every kind of holidayer with different kinds of budgets. So, before you finalise your travel package, here are a few handy tips to plan a budget friendly holiday to Bali, to get the most value for your money.

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1.Plan Ahead: If you have a holiday on mind, may as well be scouting around the rates from advance. Keep your eyes open for the airline deals and package deals that are introduced time to time by various travel operators. Sales can come and go without you even noticing, so just subscribe for a few mailing options so that you are informed and can make the most of the offers announced.

2.Minimise your airline costs: One of the biggest expenses involved in any international travel including Bali is the airline costs. There are a number of low cost airlines that fly to Bali from different locations. If you are booking a holiday package to Bali, speak to your tour operator about the low cost carrier options that can help you save costs. If you are booking the flight tickets by yourself, then it is best to avoid booking via comparison sites and it is best to book the flight directly via airline website. This is because a number of flight websites miss out on showing low cost airlines on their list.

3.All inclusive package: If you are booking a holiday package to Bali, make sure you are booking an all inclusive package which includes shuttles, tips and taxes. Food in Bali is cheap, depending upon where you are having it. Local food is certainly cheap but may not appeal to every palette. Five star resorts and hotels have excellent food which may come with a certain price. Make sure your travel itinerary covers food options for you to save out on spending extra without knowing.

4.Season matters: Bali is a tourist heavy destination and hence the prices vary depending upon what season of travel you are opting for. Highest travel season to Bali is during July and August and during the Christmas to New Year period. This is the busiest and the most expensive time to be in Bali. If you are flexible opt for the off season time in Bali, when you are likely to get the best deals and lesser crowds to explore Bali at its best. Your best time of planning a holiday could be from April to June and then in September before the peak season hits.

5.Bargain: Local buys and souvenirs in Bali could turn out to be more expensive than its actual worth if you don't bargain. Make it a point to always quote a lower price before you say yes to any deal. The locals are used to the bargaining by the tourists and hence won't mind you.

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