Bangalore electronic city hotels give other hotels a run for their money


Have you ever been to Bangalore? Not yet? Then it is about time you did, and not just for some family function or for meeting some old friends from college, but for an honest to goodness vacation. Bangalore can be the hub to start your tour of Karnataka, which offers you a plethora of tourist attractions, famed across the world. Despite there being a whole of great accommodation options in the city, it is advisable to stay at one of the Bangalore electronic city hotels, in case you are interested in avoiding traffic jams.

Photo of Bangalore electronic city hotels give other hotels a run for their money 1/1 by Chirag Sharma
Lemon Tree Hotel, Electronics City, Bangalore

Just choose one of the hotels near Wipro electronic city Bangalore, where Lemon Tree stands as a proud example of hospitality done right, and you will be on the right track. And who wouldn’t want to start their vacation on the best note possible? Visit the city, and make sure that you make your reservations a few days in advance so that there are no last minute hassles. Fair warning: their popularity ensures that they are mostly booked to the brim on most days. The food of Bangalore is stupendous, and offers foodies a chance to gorge themselves silly on dishes and cuisines from all over the world, all authentically prepared.

Everybody is doing it, so why not you? Take a few days of leave from the office, lie if you have to, and get going on an exploration of the beauty that is Karnataka, and remember to start from Bangalore.

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