Bangalore for the quirky shopper

29th Aug 2014

The Orange Tree

Photo of Bangalore for the quirky shopper by Gayatri Manu

Dream-catchers at Psybaba's

Photo of Bangalore for the quirky shopper by Gayatri Manu


Photo of Bangalore for the quirky shopper by Gayatri Manu

Bangalore is now more than just the pensioner's paradise or the IT city of India. It also is home to designers and artists looking constantly to display their work in newer spaces. A trip to any of these shops is guaranteed to help you find a gift for that picky friend, particularly precious coffee mug or that painting to hang above your four poster bed. 

Eclectic doesn’t begin to describe Kitschiidi’s collection. Feed your Bollywood obsession with Sholay coasters or finally find the perfect gift for your niece on her 7th birthday. The store-managers have personalised shopping experience with an adjoined café space that often hosts artisans from around the country.
Selling art articles for homes and home articles with art on them, Kynkyny is one of the most popular art stores in Bangalore. Like me you can go there just to interact with the patient staff who not only explain the painting to you and help you find one within a particular price range but also pack the paintings in a convenient manner in case you’re travelling. Often displaying work from upcoming as well as well-established artists, this gallery never disappoints when you’re hunting for that perfect painting to wake up to or that perfect bed to sleep on.
The Orange Bicycle The products on display here will annoy you with their symmetry or lack thereof depending on what you are looking at. With pale green Chai stands, bright blue Kohlapuris and Rajnikant aprons, the shop defines kitsch. It displays art by various independent designers such as Chumbak, Happily Unmarried, Indigreen. They also have a gardening section where they sell oddly shaped flowerboxes and hand-painted garden lights.
A hippie’s paradise and an animal lover’s saviour this shop will initiate your journey to the colourful world of Bohemianism. A dizzying variety of dream catchers made with all sorts of materials welcome you to this flea market . Discount tags constantly adorn the shelves where tie-die shirts, swishy palazzo pants and fringed leather sandals fight for space. All the animal products here are by-products and the shop owners are quite ecologically conscious.
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