Be a responsible Traveler, not just a Tourist

At the times of the developing world, the most precious thing left with us is not gold, not platinum but mother nature...we all feel the need to protect the nature, but jst feelings are not enough, nature needs efforts too to be protected.

We, a group of 23-24 travellers all around India, visited Zanskar for the Chadar trek in December. A place with blissfull nature, and yet we humans could not protect the beauty of it with the increasing tourism.

I do not remember whose efforts were maximum on this, but together we collected all plastics, ciggerette/bidi butts which we came across while walking the ice.
This was our small contribution against the vast and excessive damage the tourism industry has done to the mother nature.
We had all this back to our hotel rooms where we disposed it into dustbins.

There is this simple funda i would want all those who love to travel to follow - be a traveller, do not just tour through the place and leave your wastes behind. Be a responsible traveller. The place where you travel to would be naive to you, but is a home, our home, the world is OURS.

If you are still reading the post, i would love to know in the comments, your individual contributions towards the protection of our planet

Photo of Zanskar River by Narita Mahajan
Photo of Zanskar River by Narita Mahajan
Photo of Zanskar River by Narita Mahajan
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