Beachcation Is My Favourite #UltimateDilemma


People anticipate their vacation periods with great enthusiasm. There are a plethora of choices from which to select. Beaches and mountains are, in my opinion, the two most popular holiday spots. Both locations provide a wide range of entertaining activities.

Lately, posted Covid-19 I've visited the beaches in Karnataka, and discovered that I love the aroma of the wet sand along with grainy feel of it on my toes, and the humid atmosphere as well.

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Beaches may be crowded, but by the beach it's loaded with more fun and excitement, and have a warmer temperature climate, and a perfect place to get your overdose of Vitamin D.

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Reasons why I am a Beach Baby

The beach is known as a location of beauty as well as a place to unwind. Many times, you'll witness artists depicting the beach in their works or singing about its beauty and glory. No matter how descriptive or precise the photo is, it will never be able to portray the true beauty of the beach.

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Also, lying on a float in the ocean and simply feeling like you're a part of it. The ultimate relaxation is not only feeling but hearing the waves.

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Enjoy a perfect dose of relaxing during sunsets by the beach, turn back and the dispersion of colours will amaze you, which is purely magical to experience.

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Talking about Mountains

A vacation or visit by the mountains has it's own secluded and adventure within it. Mountain vacations are more exciting since they include climbing mountains, which needs more energy, strength, and dedication. As well the air is cleaner with a perfect place to have a picturesque landscape shot.

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Another proven technique to improve your mood is to spend time in nature. In the highlands, it's nearly hard to ignore nature, but beach resorts are typically densely populated urban regions with heavy traffic.

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If you prefer to read novels or play board games, you can do it at lower altitudes in the mountain.

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To summarize, vacations are an essential time for people to indulge in leisure activities and relax their bodies. Individual preferences, environmental conditions, and associated expenses would all influence the location and activities chosen. Given the ease of access and involvement, beach vacations are a typical occurrence.

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