"Beat the summer heat"


Rishikesh has emerged as the most favourite destination for the adventure enthusiasts specially for the white water rafting, bungee jumping and kayaking. So the people who are adventure lovers and wants to beat the summer heat of their respective cities should plan to head to Rishikesh, trust me you will fall in love with the Rishikesh and the experience of rafting. I planned to experience rafting for the first time with my locality friends last week only, it takes around 4-5 hours to reach Rishikesh from Delhi.

Otherwise the Rishikesh is also known as the Yoga capital of India and there are many Yoga ashrams to visit and you may join a course as well, if you have time for the trip, you may also go for camping that is must and strongly recommended, also you may visit Rajaji national park and Beetle's ashram and Ram and Laxman jhula are also must visits.

There are ample options to eat depending upon the budget of the individual, otherwise the most famous among the eating joints is Chotiwala restaurant which everyone knows about in entire Rishikesh, as we were on a tight budget and ours was a budget trip, hence we chose to eat at a popular ashram and the food was affordable and was good in taste. The food will not be a problem in Rishikesh as there are many options and affordable options to eat.

The central point of our trip was Rafting only, so our entire day was spent to find out a Rafting services provider as there was none left in the entire Rishikesh, a strong advice for my fellow friends and travellers please never visit Rishikesh on Sunday if you are only going for Rafting or either book well in advance online. Other things you may go for are Yoga, Bungee jumping, Kayaking, may visit uncountable number of ashrams and temples. Thats for sure that you will never get bored in Rishikesh.

I planned to experience rafting for the first time with my locality friends last week only and we started early in the morning and reached around 10 am, but being Sunday all the rafts were already booked in advance for the entire day and the entire Rishikesh was jam-packed and even the rates for the were doubled up for the day, but being all of us working, we had only sunday to spend and had to return same night, somehow we managed to speak to a rafting services provider and we were the last batch people who went 16 kms further to Shivpuri to start and experience the rafting for the first time. Start up early otherwise you may end up with heavy traffic jams along the journey and you need not to worry about the food as you will find a good number of Dhabas along the highway. If possible kindly ignore Sunday or reach Saturday evening and go for camping to ensure you get the Rafting done. Easiest and convenient way to reach would be through own vehicle, must carry sun screen location.

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