Beauty of Mont Saint Michel

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Mont Saint Michel is located in the region of Languedoc. It is a small town, situated in the beautiful Loire Valley, on the southern shore of the River Loire. It is an ideal destination for a holiday that will allow you to explore the wonderful attractions of this region. There are many beautiful attractions found here. This article provides information regarding a few of them.

If you look at the various attractions that can be found in this beautiful region of France, you will see that there are many places of exceptional beauty worth visiting. Feel free to choose one of the excursions on And to visit all the sights, rent a car on

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One of the most popular attractions in this city is the beautiful church built in Gothic style. The church was built around 1130 and it contains a magnificent bell tower that can be seen from any window around it. Every year during the spring the bell is used to toll the town bell is then answered by the tinkling of the bell. This is one attraction that will not be missed when visiting this beautiful town. Other attractions include the Chateau de la Courraine which are a beautiful country house with a garden and swimming pool, and the Musee des Beaux-arts which were created in 1812. Other historical buildings can be found in the area as well, including the Picasso Museum and the Musee des Beaux-arts.

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In addition to seeing these beautiful attractions, one will also want to experience the great hospitality of this city. The people of Mont Saint Michel warm and friendly. They offer accommodations to suit every budget. Luxury hotels in Mont Saint Michel include the Hotel Amusement Autolite which has five luxurious rooms and the hotel Parc des Baux deux where there are four room options. These luxury hotels feature amenities such as Jacuzzi baths, espresso machines, telephone headsets, flat screen televisions, direct dial telephones, minibars, private bathrooms, dry cleaning/laundry facilities, health clubs, bars/spas, cable tv, wireless internet access and many more. There are also economical Mont Saint Michel hotels that offer only two room options and a minimal amount of amenities.

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The beautiful area of Avignon offers plenty of places for tourists to see, and also has some wonderful shopping. One can shop at the Pompiere boutiques or the Cartier boutiques. The Rodeo Galleria is also a beautiful shopping spot. Other shopping opportunities in this beautiful area include the Jean Paul Gaultier boutiques, and a variety of stores selling exclusive designer items.

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In addition to the shopping, the beautiful beaches of Avignon also offer tourists' entertainment. The beaches have world class restaurants, bars, lounges and more. Avignon also offers plenty of water activities, tours and events that one can enjoy while visiting this area. One can participate in parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, wind surfing, and a variety of other water based activities.

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The beauty of Mont Saint Michel is a dream come true for all visitors. It offers a variety of different activities and sights that one can see while vacationing in this beautiful area. No matter if one is looking for the quiet serenity of the sea, or the exciting sounds of the beach, one will find it in Mont Saint Michel. The area offers many different accommodations for visitors, from luxury resorts, to bed and breakfasts, to vacation rentals. Anyone who visits this beautiful area of France will enjoy what they see, and will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.