Benefits of Floating Solar Lights

17th Jan 2018
Photo of Benefits of Floating Solar Lights 1/1 by Chad K. White

The benefits of using floating solar lights around and in your pool are varied and definitely outweigh the initial cost of the lights.


Solar lights have no wires or electricity, so they can minimize tripping over the wires. Also you will not get a shock when touching them. The concern for many a pool owner is the electricity around the garden and these lights will keep things safe and worry free. Also, the lights can illuminate dark areas of the garden and surrounding areas, keeping people safe. They can minimize crime and unwanted visitors such as thieves and animals.


Just because they are made for the garden doesn’t mean the lights cannot be used other places. You can put them in a corner of the area or in fountains and landscape areas to light the way and to add accent to your garden.. They can be moved around from place to place depending on your needs. They can also be brought in during inclement weather or when you are away.

Other benefits

The lights can be used to enhance a pool even if they pool you just bought has no installed lighting. This is key to adding character without putting out a lot of money. The bulbs last a long time and as do the batteries. The plastic they are encased in is rough and tumble in most cases because the manufacturers know that little kids will end up picking them and playing with them.

The lights are emission free and use are a renewable source of energy– the sun Solar lights are gaining in popularity as the cells get thinner and can absorb more sunlight and the batteries are getting stronger and can hold more sunlight for an extended amount of time.

The lights do not have to be turned on or off. They just use up whatever energy is in the batteries and renew during the sunlight hours the next day. And you are not even wasting electricity!

You also save on energy costs because you do not have to pay for installation or wiring.Floating solar pool lights have come into the their own in the 21st century – so buy some now for your enjoyment and piece of mind!

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