Bengaluru Lake is So Polluted It Caught Fire


Remember this Bellandur Lake in Bengaluru?

The one with that really ugly and unhealthy foam you thought was snow (how dumb though!)?

Photo of Bengaluru Lake is So Polluted It Caught Fire 1/4 by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Indiatimes

This disgusting waste of a city populating itself without appropriate infrastructure, has saturated the lake's ability to take all the human shit being dumped into it.

Photo of Bengaluru Lake is So Polluted It Caught Fire 2/4 by Sreshti Verma

Well, now that foam has caught fire. The lake collects most of coty's untreated sewage water and irrespective of many protests, authorities remain unmoved. According Durga Madhab of IISC (Indian Institute of Science)," Air particles emanating from the river were causing a burning sensation in people’s eyes.The froth contains bubbles which on bursting forms mist in the air. These particles in the mist maybe chemical or toxic in nature and when it comes in contact with the skin surface or nasal passage, can cause irritation,” he told NewsMinute.

Photo of Bengaluru Lake is So Polluted It Caught Fire 3/4 by Sreshti Verma

Quite obviously residues of oil, grease and inflammable material in the presence of increasing atmospheric temperature led to such a bizzare phenomena.

Photo of Bengaluru Lake is So Polluted It Caught Fire 4/4 by Sreshti Verma
Credits: Folomojo

Our god damn lakes are catching fire!!

What else seems like the right time to wake up and do something?

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I have been living near the Bellandur lake for the past 8 years and the situation is at its worst now. I've been living a nightmare ever since the Bangalore lake fire occurred. It rained few days back and the stinking fumes coming from the frothy lake gave us sleepless nights. Its been 2 days since the rains and the stench is still there.
Sun 01 10 16, 11:34 · Reply · Report
I agree with you when you say that the lake has hit its saturation point. Poor old lake with no fault of its own, has been made into this poisonous water body which is creeping up to become a monster to the society. The Bangalore lake fire is a hazard to the society which needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.
Sat 01 09 16, 22:34 · Reply · Report
You mentioned something about fracking, what is that? Please explain. Is the Bangalore lake fire due to fracking? You also mentioned that internationally it is a common occurrence and now it will soon be coming to India. Why? I mean, everybody knows water on fire is not a common thing and nothing good will come out of it. Then why would they bring it here?
Sat 01 09 16, 20:31 · Reply · Report
This calamity of Bangalore lake fire is due to the negligence of the authorities of the city and also the people living near the lake. Holding only the authorities responsible will not be fair and the people are equally responsible for polluting the lake. It is still not that late, we can all come together and clean the lake, make the habitat a better place to live-in.
Sat 01 09 16, 19:49 · Reply · Report
Bangalore lake fire is not strange and was bound to happen. Internationally this spectacle has been witnessed by hundreds of people in whose towns fracking takes place. Dakota, Texas are major examples of this occurrence. Last year I read an article which said that India will soon start fracking too.
Sat 01 09 16, 12:12 · Reply · Report
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