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About 6 years ago, when I visited Kodaikanal, people suggested to eat and bring home the homemade chocolates from my trip. Kodaikanal was once famous for the chocolate bricks made at home, and the one I liked the most was the rum chocolate balls.

Well, chocolates are not that unique to Kodaikanal these days, still, you can enjoy some hot chocolates in the chilling weather of the place, especially near the Pillar Rocks Viewpoint. Apart, Kodaikanal caters the Tamil cuisine, you can find ample rice dishes and rasam. In the following section, we will discuss some exceptional local dishes of Kodaikanal.

Thukpa and momos

Thanks to the Tibetan residents in Kodaikanal that we get to eat the delicious Thukpa and hot momos in here. Thukpa is a soupy noodle dish, made with fresh stewed vegetables. And momos are no jargon to us.

You can try these dishes at the Tibetan Brother’s hotel and Royal Tibet food outlets.

Organic food

If you are an organic food lover, then you must visit this place called as Eco-nut. You can find here the freshly prepared ready-made items like brown bread, cheese, muffins, peanut butter, and a variety of chocolates.

The place also offers pure honey, herbal tea, and organic dried fruits for sale, which you can purchase for consuming later at home.

Food is not a problem in Kodaikanal. You get to eat many South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, etc, at every nook and corner. You can also buy baby carrots from the roadside for home and rest of your trip. Another interesting delight to try in Kodaikanal is Kodai cheese. You can find many shops enroute the popular tourist places selling a wide variety of homemade cheese.

Are you planning a food trail?

You can also book a multi-city cab in Kodaikanal and enjoy food tasting in Kodai and nearby places.

Happy eating!

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