Best Homeopathy medicine for treating Kidney failure, nephritis, Glomerulonephritis and other Kidney

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Homeopathic Treatment for Kidney Stone

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As per documented clinical research, following Homeopathy Medicine are very useful in the Treatment of number of kidney disease, which including UTI-Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney stone/Calculi, Renal Failure, Glomerulonephritis, Nephritis etc.

Homeopathy medicine must not be consumed without professional guidance. Homeopathic Treatment for Kidney Stone


Early stage of post scarlatinal nephritis, patient complaints of pain in loins and scanty urine without blood. Symptoms have early onset

2. Arsenicum Alb.

It is useful for different stages of Bright’s disease, One of the top used Homeopathy medicine for Kidney Ailments. Arsenicum role is more remarked in end stage kidney disease, where patient present with following symptoms:

Generalised Dropsy,

Paleness of skin,

Waxen appearance of face,

Watery diarrhoea,

Intense thirst, and

Dark urine with abundant casts and albumen.

Patient complaint of dyspnoea when lying down specially after midnight and in the evening, which is better by expectoration of mucus.

3. Apis mel.

Apis is best Homeopathy medicine for acute Bright’s disease. Patient complaint of oedema of face and extremities along with paleness, ascites, oedema. At times patient complaint of pains in the head, and generalised body ache. High quantity of protein in urine- Albuminuria. It action is marked in any type of Bright’s disease if present with dull pains in the kidneys, frequent scanty Micturition. The urine is highly filled with albumen and blood cells. General dropsy and with urine suppression and at times nettle rash like eruption of the skin. The patient complaint of drowsiness and bruised feeling in general.

4. Mercurius cor.

Patient complaint of scanty reddish-brown urine with high quantity of albumin. Patient skin looks pale and waxen colour along with lumbar pains, dyspnoea and excessive strangury. Merc. Cor. has first rank among all the homeopathy medicine for nephritis, and its action comes in the later stages. Indicated in Syphilitic complication.

5. Terebinth.

One of the Top rated homeopathy medicine for Kidney ailments, which is used very frequently in the early stages of kidney diseases with prominent congestion, Patient comlaint of sever pain in the back which is of dull character, Pain extend’s along the ureters. Urine is dark smoky. General anasarca with bloody urine with high protein content. The patient has great prostration but lacks the restless and anguish of Arsenicum Alb..

6. Plumbum

Slow degenerations of the kidneys, with uraemia convulsion tendency. Dropsy of whole body, with sallow face, great emaciation. It is Top Homeopathy medicine for cirrhotic form of nephritis. As per aura Homeopathy Clinical data this medicine arrested the progress in many cases of Kidney disease and permanently cured in many cases.

7.Moringa Oleifera :-

Its very potent homeopathy medicine for repair kidney and helps improves regenerative capacity of kidney. It helps to reduce sensation of burning at urethera tip.

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