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Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice
Duration: 4 Days
Expenditure 40000

#FrenchRivera #Antibes #Nice

If you visit France and dont visit to the #FranceRiverea, then it sounds like having dinner without desserts.

So make sure you add at least 4 days in your france trip, just for French riviera which includes Cannes, Antibes and Nice city.

its very easy to take a train from paris to french riviera, which takes around 6 hours. We had to pay almost 120 Euros per person as we booked just few weeks back, so i suggest to lock your tickets asap.

You can book the tickets online with websites like and pay by indian credit card, but for some trains indian credit cards are not accepted.

During my visit to the french riviera, i visited only Antibes and Nice. We stayed at Cap D'Antibes Beach Hotel, which is right at the beach.

Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 1/9 by Kapil Kumar

The soft drinks in the mini bar was complimentary, but i feel breakfast quality can be improved. The breakfast included breads, coffee, jam, butter, fruits and yogurt. It will be charged additional for placing order for the boiled egg or meat items.

Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 2/9 by Kapil Kumar

The view from swimming pool was so nice, we didn't feel like going to the city :)

The antibes beaches are very calm and pleasant, we also tried our hands on the surfboard paddling ;)

Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 3/9 by Kapil Kumar

The staff at the hotel are very welcoming and go extra miles to make your stay very comfortable.

After chilling out at hotel for first day, we visited Fort Carre next day. We didn't understand why was its closed on sunday :( We took few clicks from outside, so it was worth of a short drive to the fort.

Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 4/9 by Kapil Kumar
Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 5/9 by Kapil Kumar

We also visited the Le Nomade structure near the port area. You can just walk to it with no admission fees needed. We were happy to be there as weather became very pleasent.

We went for a short walk to the near by market and gave a small gelato treat to our tastebuds.

Next day, we spent all day at the hotel by relaxing in the pool. We went out in the evening to try the indian food in the nearby restaurant. We enjoyed garlic naan with Prawn and chicken curry :D

On the third day, we visited the old Nice city and was amazed the witness the beautiful view of the city from the top. Even though it was quite hot in the day, but still we enjoyed clicking pics at #iLoveNice landmark :D

Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 6/9 by Kapil Kumar
Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 7/9 by Kapil Kumar

During our stay , we stayed at the Chevre D'or hotel in the Eze village on the last day. The hotel was absolutely the best one. The location of the hotel is on the hill top, so you get an amazing view of the sea. The suits was the best luxury hotel i ever stayed in. It had a big bed room with private jacuzzi, balcony with a beautiful view and spacious living room.

Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 8/9 by Kapil Kumar

We had a wonderful experience at the french dining, with a weird menu having Rabbit, Duck liver and Smoked Octopus. I could tried only first two as didn't feel like eating third one. The best part was about the desserts which included iced ball with such a tangy taste of lemon.

Photos of Best places in French Riviera -  #Antibes #Nice 9/9 by Kapil Kumar

The trip to the french rivera was a memorable one and i can't wait to go back :)

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