Best shopping destinations in Dubai


Dubai is the most happening place not only in the whole of the Middle East but also in the world rivaling centers such as New York or London or Singapore or Kaula Lumpur. One of the activities that Dubai is famous for is shopping. The shopping in Dubai is promoted extensively by the owners of shopping malls, international brands, airlines and the authorities responsible for promoting tourism in Dubai. Periodically all kinds of festivals are held that entice shoppers to come to Dubai and shop. Unbelievable offers are made and shoppers just cannot resist from buying something they crave.

Among the things to do in Dubai is definitely shopping and Dubai tour packages must include shopping in their itineraries.


The most popular shopping activity is shopping at the malls.

Dubai hosts several great malls and in fact the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall by area in the world spread out on an area exceeding 13 million square feet. The mall is a small city by itself hosting a hotel, an aquarium, underwater zoo, 14,000 parking slots, 120 restaurants and cafes, 22 cinema screens, an ice rink and kids play area. The mall is home to over 1200 brands from all over the world peddling their products and services so much so that the mall receives over 1 million visitors every week. Most fashion brands of the world have set up shop in these malls.

Other malls include the Wafi Mall with an Egyptian theme. The Ibn Battuta Mall is unique for it represents the countries visited by Ibn Battuta, an Arabian explorer. Here, people can shop for products from Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, China and India. The Deira City Centre is the oldest mall. The Mall of the Emirates is unique because besides shopping it offers an ice rink.


A souk was originally an open-air market place where exchange of goods took place. The concept has transformed over the years to become an urban activity in the Middle East. The concept of souk is very much alive in Dubai and these souks offer an inimitable shopping experience.

The Gold Souk in Dubai is the most sought after souk in Dubai. Here one can shop for gold in over 250 shops set up alongside covered walkways. The Spice Souk is another popular souk where all kinds of spices including cloves and saffron are sold in small shops. Other items such as flavored tobacco and dry fruits are also sold here. The Perfume Souk literally takes one’s breath away with the range of perfumes from branded ones to Arabic attars being peddled here. The Textile Souk is a great place to shop for textiles such as cotton, wool, cashmere and silk. Ready-mades and footwear can also be shopped here.


Almost all brands of electronic items are sold in almost all the malls in Dubai. All conceivable electronic items such as mobiles, accessories, entertainment systems, games, security systems and auto accessories are available.


Dubai also offers shops that sell home decors. Most of these shops also sell artifacts and souvenirs.

Shopping in Dubai is an out of the world experience.

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