Best Summer Getaways To Rejuvenate Yourself

2nd Oct 2017
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The scorching sun amidst the commotion of the metropolis & baths with perspiration is a matter of headache. With uncertain advent of the monsoons, increasing temperatures & greater hustle & bustle, summers are disguised as tormentor to the man. A wanderlust like me has least chances to resist the racing temperatures & presents before you the most alluring gateways to beat the heat this summer.

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1. The Land of the Midnight Sun(Finland): Here the sun smirks at the deafened night, for the darkness is never dark here. The darkness lies in the enchanting woods trailing along its outer archipelago. A night at a jungle cottage is a perfect rejuvenation. One can witness the Finnish rock, pop & jazz festivals. Experience the true twilight called Kaamos, a moment worth capturing. Finland also boasts of its glacial lakes, where one can take an early morning dip healing all his stress. Undoubtedly Finland is a mixture of both, culture & entertainment.

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2. The Down Under (New Zealand): No one can argue about the surrealistic personality of New Zealand. It spreads its arms across all dimensions of ecstasy. Self-drive through the breezy archipelagos bordered by the blue waters, or grab some Queenstown Skiing Packages to experiment with your skiing talent. Open suburbs of Auckland & Wellington are always a welcoming option to try out. The soaring mountains are meandering carpeted with royal golf clubs, a game or two won’t let you down. New Zealand features of an extensive variety of spine chilling activities such as water rafting through the dense forests, or sign up in a surf school at the Gisborne. New Zealand also promises a romantic honeymoon stay at its best resorts.

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3. Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe (Switzerland): The glacier calmly salutes you with its icy sensation. Well, this place is my personal pick. Reaching at the highest point (3454 mt.) was never so easy. The Alpine railway hurdles through the snow attired rocks, crossing the mossy terrain in the backdrop of sensational blizzards. The top features dozens of beguiling surprises. Play with the snow at the park, or just hang in with a warm cup of expresso, well that’s your choice. From the finger licking chocolates at the factory, to the outclassing ice palace, this heavenly location is surely like an icing on your cake. Remember, for all Bollywood lovers, there’s a Bollywood themed restaurant too. Visitors could pool out some time to visit Mount Titlis as well to capture the unknown moments within the known.

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4. Dance with the showers, Niagara (USA, Canada): Your pick either USA or Canada or certainly both. Yay! We are heading towards the Niagara Falls, which is an awe. Isolate the heat with huge splashes drenching you with the true elixir. The endless rhythm hummed by the flowing water is the Lords destined creation to attract the millions of hearts into its billion hues. Niagara Falls offers boat rides, to indulge in a close look & feel of the natural monument, or an aerial view to feed your cameras with a great snack. There are picnic spots, gardens & watch towers clustering around the attraction for a breath taking view. Both the countries offer immense platter of destinations to complete your itinerary.

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